Daygame Downloaded (Tom Torero Seminar)


Here’s part of an intimate after-hours seminar I gave in Moscow on the essentials of daygame pickup and how the London Daygame Model relates to the Mystery Method (M3 Model).

If you’re new to daygame and need to review the basic model and material, start here.

For those who need to go over the fundamentals of pickup theory, here’s an overview of the Mystery Method components, but I’d encourage you to read the full book to understand where PUA structure and methodology came from.

the Mystery Method (M3 Model)

One thought on “Daygame Downloaded (Tom Torero Seminar)”

  1. Your ‘expected ratios’ are spot on Tom. I started 2.5 years ago with one lay out of around 90 approaches here in Paris. In 2017 I got it down to 1 lay in 65 approaches and this year my wing has got 1 out of 35 because he is hustling harder than me (I have crazy work hours). I will write you again when I get 1 out of 30, it is my goal by 2019.

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