Daygame Testimonial

Daygame Testimonial


Dear Tom,

This is a quick note of thanks for the value provided by your YouTube channel from a daygamer based in Sydney.

I stumbled across your video “Beginners Guide To Daygame” over a year ago after breaking up with my girlfriend. Being dissatisfied with using Tinder at the time, I decided to give daygame a go by applying the theory in your videos.

Sometimes with the help of a wing, I started to try daygame and made my first approach at Darling Harbour late last year. After initially getting a taste of the “flow” state to daygame I was hooked and going out every weekend around all of the common day game locations in Sydney – Pitt Street Mall, Hyde Park, the Opera House etc.

I got my first number on my second week of daygame in the Royal Botanical Gardens with an extremely attractive Czech girl, which unfortunately ended up flaking after a few texts – as she was only in Sydney for one more day. Things gradually progressed month by month to first date, first girl home and first lay.

I had my first daygame lay with an attractive girl I met through talking on one of the benches at Hyde Park and I am now regularly dating new attractive girls every week through going out 1-2 times and talking to girls.

Daygame has made me change everything about myself for the better and by learning through experience and failure. It has given me a much greater enjoyment of life and I feel much more connected to the city of Sydney and people around me.

I encouraged my wing to learn your material and he saw a massive improvement in results after doing so.

My transition from knowing very little about being attractive to women to where I am now is all thanks to your material. You really are a genius and I hope you continue to do what you are doing. My next project is to build up my business here to the extent that I can also become a digital nomad.

Thanks again


Mr D

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