Worst Daygame Pickup Advice


Today’s daygame podcast reviews the Top 10 most damaging pieces of pickup advice that will reduce your results infield:

  • Just be yourself
  • Just be “high value”
  • Just be like me
  • Go super direct
  • Only approach girls who give you an IOI first
  • Have freedom from outcome
  • Work on inner game before outer game
  • Only daygame with a good vibe
  • Don’t do daygame sessions, just do it as-and-when
  • Only approach a certain type of girl

3 thoughts on “Worst Daygame Pickup Advice”

  1. Great episode Tom. Agree with all ten. When guys are going on about “she was a K girl” it’s just an excuse to protect their ego because they didn’t have the player skill to bang em lol

  2. Another thing I see as awful game is guys who do dinner dates and romantic crap. Ain’t no daygame lover mode in that just boyfriend nice guy vibes

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