Torero Black Sheep Award: Report II


The second Black Sheep Award for Spring 2018 was given to 34 year old Nigel from Ireland who has a young daughter from a previous relationship and needed to get away for a bit to find his mojo. This is what happened: 

“With Tom’s Black Sheep Award, I decided to go on a trip to Warsaw, Poland. I wasn’t expecting much as I’m still very much a beginner but just wanted to get some volume of approaches in.

I arrived on a hot Tuesday afternoon. Fresh off the plane when I got into Warsaw I had no idea how to get to my place where I had an Airbnb. I decided to jump straight in with an indirect just asking for directions. I approached a hot brunette and was pleasantly surprised how friendly she was in helping me. Good start.

I got to my place and decided to text some of the guys that had said they would be around to wing.

Mr C was an Aussie guy who was there for the week so we met up that evening and he showed me the areas and did some daygame. Later on we met with another local guy there who was living in Warsaw.

I approached 4 or 5 that evening and even though none went anywhere, it was good to get feedback from the guys.

I wasn’t giving the girl enough space, and didn’t have a Stack in my head after the initial compliment.

On Wednesday we went to a shopping mall and I did some of my first mall approaches which was pretty nerve wracking for me.

I did a couple more approaches outside that day then we went to the river later on that evening for some gutter game. Met up with Mr A and some of the other guys there.

Thursday was my last day there so I wanted to hit it hard.

I went out by myself for a bit and did 4 approaches. One was a really cute Russian who I number closed. Unforunately, she wasn’t around later to come out.

That night I met up with Mr V and Mr C and we did some sniper approaches whilst sitting outside a coffee shop. I got a Facebook from a cute Austrian girl and was starting to get some positive momentum.

The lads both had to leave and go on dates so I was on my own then.

I was getting hustled a lot by the girls pitching strip clubs but refused to go in. It was pretty quiet along the daygame streets and I was ready to call it a night but something told me to stay out!

I went to a local bar for a beer and a break then came back out. At 12.30am I saw this cute girl with bag on her back so I approached immediately.

She was looking for a place to stay and had had an argument with her boyfriend. The daygame gods were shining on me!

I suggested we go for a drink nearby and she agreed. We had one drink there while chatting and the bar was closing.

I was flirting a little but wasn’t sure if it was on. I suggested she come back for a drink to my place and said I had to be up early anyway for a train to Krakow. It helped that she hadn’t anywhere booked to stay yet.

We walked back to my place which was about 15 minutes, bantering on the way while I carried one of her bags.

I had gotten wine earlier only to realise there was no bottle opener in the apartment. Fuck! Luckily I had a can of Tuborg in the fridge so poured her most of it and added some water to mine!

She then decided to have a shower. She came back in with all her clothes on so wasn’t sure it was on. I said let’s go to bed. I hadn’t really escalated much up to this point (a sticking point).

When we hit the bed though I started kissing her and she got into it. Clothes proceeded to come off and there wasn’t any last minute resistance.

I got my first gutter game SDL 😀

All in all it was a great trip and experience. I did about 20 approaches, 1 number, 1 FB, 1 lay.

Thanks to Tom and James for the award. Going to continue this journey and hopefully get back to Warsaw again soon.”

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