Munich Daygame Bootcamp

Daygame Bootcamp In Munich With Tom Torero (August 11th, Sat 12-5pm)


A one-off daygame bootcamp (and my final live teaching this year) hustling on the sunny streets of merry Munich, complete with Bavarian boobs and beer. Saturday 11th August, 12-5pm, 100% infield, x4 students maximum. £600 per person. 

It’s a special event because I’ll be teaching it with an underground daygame legend: my wing from 2010-2012 Antony who appears heavily in my first book Daygame. He’s always kept himself out of the public eye because of his ‘normal life’ so this is a very rare chance to train with the guy who levelled up my Game the most.


6 thoughts on “Munich Daygame Bootcamp”

  1. Is that the guy Antony who came up with bubble dating model with you? I think I met him once at an LSS talk you gave in 2011??

    1. That’s him, he contributed a lot to the early London models, I’ll get him on a podcast to explain

  2. Thanks for letting me watch you in action yesterday Tom. I hope I didn’t screw up your lead by taking that photo. It was a pleasure to meet you. I will let you know how my progress goes. From George (guy in Lublin).

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