French Daygame Lay Report

French Daygame Lay Report

A daygame lay report I received today in an email from Mr M in Toulouse, France. He’s been hustling infield for eight months and has reached the stage of having more freedom and fun with the fundamentals, as the report demonstrates. Stay horny Mr M, à votre santé 😀 

“After my month off daygame, I started this month differently. It was the first time I started daygaming after our Skype coaching call. So, as you said, instead of shooting in the dark aiming for random lays, I started counting every single approach. I went to this big mall, out of the city, and I did four sets: two flaky numbers and two rejections.

As I am walking to the tram station, I see a girl on the other side of the street. I crossed over to her and I did the front stop. She’d seen me crossing and when I stopped her she was taken aback a bit. She was an 18 years old girl, heading to work.

I did something different that I am trying recently. It consists of delivering the tease first and then the compliment. I know, treading on thin ice. But I try to deliver the tease first with a cheeky smirk and then deliver the compliment as some sort of a passing thought. A strange hypothesis, since on the surface it seems that nothing has changed, but in daygame, as you know, the devil is in the details.

So it goes somewhat like: “Excuse me, hey! I hope your English is good.. I just saw you smiling, you seemed suspiciously happy and relaxed, you look nice by the way.. you were relaxed maybe because of the sun, or maybe the music…”. 

I guess the reason is when you deliver the compliment point blank, you hand her a knife and hope she won’t stab you with it, she knows what you want immediately, it might put her on the defensive instantly and it’ll can be slightly harder to calibrate it. Perhaps what I’m doing is what you would call Indirect-Direct, I don’t know.

Back with the girl, I went on a monologue for about two minutes before she hooked. The approach from then on went nicely. I used my usual teases, couldn’t afford the vacuum seeing she was in a hurry,  so I went for the close.


French Daygame Lay Report 1

French Daygame Lay Report 2

French Daygame Lay Report 3

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French Daygame Lay Report 5

 French Daygame Lay Report 6


The first venue went well, though her English was limited, she said it was the first time she ever went with a complete stranger on a date.

I gave her a pass to switch between English and French if she felt like it (for I conduct the date either in English, or in French, but it’s not often I use them both). Anyways, I was executing the model on autopilot. The good thing about daygame is when you become familiar with the underlying substrate of the propositions governing the teasing and challenging and from whence they emerge, you can easily generate new ones. And that’s what I’m trying currently.

I then took the girl to this nice and calm lounge bar I found recently. It is in an alley, which makes the bar always quiet, yet not entirely empty. The lamps spreading dim light from the corners, the soft music filling the blanks, and the distant chitchat of which you can catch only fading murmurs render this place an ideal second venue.

As usual, I get the first round, the girl gets the second (only if she ventured to pay). We sat, close to each other, her thigh touching mine, when she giggles our shoulders bounce against each other gently. I did the palm reading, the hands measuring, the rings, the tattoos, the hair, the makeup, instead of nice shoes, I go with eyes, big eyes (a good way to get my face as closer to hers as possible, I use it as a drive by kiss.)

After that, it is time for some Beethoven.. She was into piano, she loves Ludovico Einaudi and expressed how she would love to learn the piano one day. This was her lucky day ;). No time to waste, 45 minutes in the first venue, 40 minutes in the second, I said “Let’s go, I’ll show you the piano.”

I didn’t go for the kiss, I thought better to keep that tension rather than relieve it by kissing. To the metro, to my flat, my dirty love nest. I put on some swing, showed her some moves, her arms on my neck, mine on her waist. As my hands go down, so does my face.

After sex, laying on the bed sweating, I ask “What do you think about your first date with a complete stranger?” She gives me a cheeky look and says “I’m glad I gave you my phone number.”

Approaches: 56

Dates: 3

Lays: 1

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