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Limiting beliefs about age and daygame are some of the most common out there. Can I still do cold approach pickup after 30? After 40? After 50? Won’t girls think it’s creepy? Do I need to get married? How is daygame different as an older guy? Is there a cutoff point? 

Today’s podcast covers this topic extensively with the help of three guests, Mr S (50), Mr M (52) and Mr I (48) from around the world.

Older Guy Daygame

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I answered the many questions I get about my own plans for settling down, kids and longterm daygame in this series of three Black Sheep Blog Posts (so please don’t email me the same questions!):

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6 thoughts on “Older Guy Daygame”

  1. That was excellent and very helpful. Yes if you’re 40 and over and are doing day game, it definitely helps to:
    a) have some reliable wingmen who aren’t ageist (as some are) and are willing to put in the work to get good, as most aren’t unfortunately. I haven’t had much luck with that and didn’t get a response when I posted on the wing section here, as I don’t live in the UK, Europe, or the US.
    b) be regularly working out and have good grooming, otherwise you’re wasting your time.

    I prefer younger women, as most women aged 40 and over are either married and/or divorced with kids, plus are overweight and have let themselves go, or if they’re hot, they know it and are pretty picky. I’m 53 and have had sex with younger women aged 19-25, but I agree that they’re extraordinarily flaky, which can be very frustrating, but day game is a numbers game.

  2. Very encouraging podcast.

    Since I turned 40 almost a year ago I had sex with 16 women (half of them daygame), think all of them under 30. Record year for me by far.

    It’s great to hear that guys on the podcast can keep it up well into their 50s! Society would want you to believe you should be be ashamed you’re not married at this age. Because men are jealous of your freedom and don’t have guts to live this way.

    Just coming up to 1000 daygame approaches. Think the beginner’s hell is behind me – I genuinly enjoy approaching and daygaming, even solo. Although there are still weasels and meta-weasels to conquer and I still hesitate too long on the really hot ones quite often (entitlement issues probably)!

  3. Really awesome podcast. I am 39 and just starting out day gaming and after getting passed AA it is really exciting and fun, I still have loads of stuff to learn but I think I am in it for the long run. (I divorced my now ex-wife because she became an old lady and it DOES suck having sex with the same woman for a longer period of time).

    If anyone will be in Kiev, Ukraine month of august send me an mail as it would be fun to have some wings to hang with.

    Hank from Sweden

  4. Would be good to hear how Kevin from your beginner daygame video is doing as he was an older dude if I remember correctly

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