Daygame Home Run Lay Report

Daygame Home Run Lay Report


Hello Tom,

Basking in the after glow of my first daygame lay. I started this journey watching your Beginner’s Guide To Daygame on YouTube. Went out and after a lot of anxiety jumped in front of my first approach. It went well for a first interaction. The model went out of my head so just chit chatted but walked away happy.

I bought Street Hustle soon after and read it cover to cover. Still refer back to it for advice.

Anyway, fast forward to my 207th approach: a short interaction with a lovely girl I followed into TopShop on Oxford Street in London. Such a short interaction I thought she’d flake. She was visiting the UK for her graduation ceremony and only here for a week. A short romance it will be, I cheekily told her.

I followed your date model, with on-off and spiking when I could. Two locations, then did the Strawberry Fields routine. Three hours later she seemed pretty open so I said let’s go back to mine and watch a funny movie. She was happy to follow.

I took your advice and didn’t jump on her at mine, but got her relaxed with a drink. Then I put on some Chris Rock,  gave her a neck rub and then went for it. I got it on with no Token LMR.

Amazing first daygame lay. I’ve seen wings losing motivation and disappearing but for me the more interactions, the more I learned or laughed about. One of the areas I’ve improved on is reading the girls during the interaction

My stats are probably below par: 217 approaches, 4 dates, 1 lay. But all the girls have been way hotter than without daygame. Looking back I probably could have escalated more on the other dates and probably gotten another lay. And I did lose a lot of girls texting back and forth instead of just pinging and arranging to meet.

Big thanks to you Tom. I listened to all your podcasts from 1 to now. It’s kept me motivated.

By the way, I’m 42, separated. The girl in the story was 26, just graduated, a Masters student.

I’ll be hitting the streets/shops/tube with added conviction that this shit really works.


Mr T

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  1. Well done Mr T. Further evidence that it is a numbers game and you have to persevere to succeed. Inspiration to the rest of us.

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