The Money Game (Tom Torero Blueprint)


Below is a “Money Game Blueprint” that covers the knowledge and advice Lukasz passed onto me for sorting out personal financial freedom. It’s the Blueprint that he’s used himself to stick it to the man and become a fellow Black Sheep Bandit. This week’s podcast explains how together we’ve been working on implementing the Blueprint in our lives.

Let us know your own financial freedom stories – the good and the bad – in the comments below. I’ll send the best three a Torero goody bag with love 😉

Tom Torero Blueprint To Financial Freedom

10-Step Money Game Blueprint

1. The first step is to get rid of debts & loans. Pay off credit cards, student loans etc. as a priority. If you’re in a hole, stop digging. Pay cash for things so they seem real. You will never make money by paying interest.

2. Reduce your monthly spending to keep overheads low (rent, food, travel). Eliminate luxuries and materialistic spending. Cut out the recurrent billing (e.g. Netflix, Tinder) you’re paying. Watch out for hidden fees.

3. Build a Fuck It fund of savings. Systematically and automatically put a percentage of your monthly income (10% minimum) into a hard-to-touch savings account or stock index mutual fund. Don’t access for at least 10 years. Dig your well before you’re thirsty. Understand the power of compounding.

4. Educate yourself on the basics of investing and finance. No need for a Harvard MBA, it’s all online for free. Keep it simple – Wall Street like to confuse you intentionally.

5. Ignore flashy “Get Rich Quick” trends, schemes and fashionable investments. You’re in it for the long haul so ride out Bears and Bulls. Ignore short term market movements. Trade less (others win by getting you to be active with your betting). It’s slow rather than sexy you’re after. Remember you want long term gains not short term pleasure.

6. Get to work! Increase your monthly income through hard graft. There are no short cuts. Build up a business where you get paid while you sleep (passive income). Cut the excuses. Hustle hard. There’s no magic pill.

7. Put your money into things that don’t depreciate. Buying an apartment you can then rent out is an example of asset appreciation. Buying a flashy car is an example of property that depreciates as soon as you drive it out of the show room.

8. Protect your assets and income. Diversify the income streams to become ‘antifragile.’ Divorces are expensive. Child support is expensive. Black Sheep Bandits should be super diligent against such massive life decisions.

9. Develop a minimalist mindset. Value experiences over things. Freedom of time is the ultimate status symbol. Work out how much money you need per year to be free (it’s less than you think, especially outside the USA/UK) and then don’t exhaust yourself hustling beyond that.

10. Stop dreaming of retiring at 65 and putting your feet up. You need to work, you need projects, you need to be active, for as long as possible. When you love your work this is not a problem. Investing in your health is essential to keep your newfound freedom going for as long as you can.


Recommended Reading:

  • 4-Hour Workweek (T Ferriss)
  • Reinvent Yourself (J Altucher)
  • Gems From Warren Buffett (M Gavagan & W Buffett)
  • Antifragile (N Taleb) 

25 thoughts on “The Money Game (Tom Torero Blueprint)”

  1. Great podcast Tom and Lukasz. Everything written above is 100% true, so cheers for spreading the message.

    I’m a 25 year old kiwi who’s been traveling the world for the past 3 years thanks to online income.

    I’m writing this comment from sunny Budapest where I’m currently spending 900 Euros a month to live a high quality and healthy lifestyle (compared to my home country where you’d need to spend 2-3x the money to achieve the same).

    Personally I’m still chipping away at my student loan whilst putting 10% of my income into my emergency fund (my goal is to be debt free and have a 10k fund by end of 2019).

    Once both of those are conquered I’ll be in a good position to invest 30%+ of my income into investments which is where the fun begins.

    No questions from me, I just wanted to drop in and share my position to hopefully motivate others to quit the dull slavery back home and explore the world instead.

    Other books I’d recommend:
    Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
    Cash Flow Quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki
    Richest Man in Babylon – George Samuel Clason

    1. 25 and already well on the way to freedom – Cam I salute you sir. Will email over some Torero titbits for your comment 😉 TT

    2. Cam mind if i ask what you do online to earn an income? I’m struggling right now and need all the help I can get.

      Kind regards

      1. Hi Darren,

        Sure – I run a marketing agency.

        There’s plenty of ways to make money online:
        – sell a service
        – sell a product (information or physical)
        – freelance with a skill you already have

        Dropshipping is always big but you’d need a few K to test properly
        Affiliate is always alluring for short term cashflow

        Good luck

        1. Thanks for your repLY,

          I tried and failed starting a marketing agency last year here in Ireland, I learned a lot about marketing and business though, one of the issues I faced was that it did’nt seem to be location independent, would you have any advice how you managed that and what services you provide that work and didn’t work?

          Many thanks loved this podcast . ps was there a specific online course you did to start the agency?

  2. Hi i am a 20 year old from Cape Town, South africa i started to get financially aware when i was in my dads college at 18 learning to become an architect, i didn’t know what i wanted to do so i just went with the flow but i quickly realized that i hated siting in a small office working 9 to 5, so i decided the best way to work for myself was to start a youtube channel, i sticked through the ups and downs and now i have over 190 000 subscribers, i make on average 650 usd a month which is an okay basic salary for the cost of living in south africa but now it just feels like i am stuck and still working 9 to 5 but now i am working for myself which is an improvement, my expenses is 115 usd a month for renting a room in my parents house, and about 130 usd a month for food, essentials and a gym membership, i also have car worth about 5500 usd that i got from my grand mother, i don’t use it alot only when i am going out to clubs. i have 7000 usd in investments in ethereum and civic(cryptocurrency) which i have been holding now for about 5 months, and about 1000 usd in savings. my plan is to move to a very low cost of living country(even lower than south africa) and buy a cheap apartment there so that i don’t have to pay rent and cut my cost of living even lower. the problem is that i don’t know how or where to immigrate to, so far my plan is ukraine because it has a very low cost of living but to get residence i need to have a work permit or invest 100 000 usd into the economy, i can start a company there but i don’t want to hire people or continue with youtube because it still feels like a job i can’t take a few months off or i will start to lose revenue and my subscribers will begin to complain, i want to have freedom so that i can find what i like to do and what i want to study and also have a lot of time to game girls ect. but i can’t do that while still doing youtube. i don’t know a thing about taxes or a lot about investing, i just know cryptocurrency is a good investment in the long run(i hope so) and it is easy to invest in as well as that real estate is a good investment(probably), i am not sure how to get a mortgage in another country that’s why i want to save and buy a cheap apartment in a low cost of living country in cash.

    so basically what would be a good source of income and how do you immigrate to a low cost of living country and what country would you recommend(preferably a white country or have a decent white percentage)and how much money do i need to immigrate there.

    what would you do if you were in my position?

    Thank you

  3. Hey Tom and Lukasz

    Great podcast and blog post once again. Listened to all episodes so far and love your advice through and through.

    Since exactly 3 years I left my teaching job in London and moved to Chiang Mai to build my own business. I learned all the in and outs of Selling my product on amazon. 1 year in i barely made it happen to break even, competition just crushed me out of the game. The skills I learned during this year though, of ploughing through and making something happen out of nothing, gave me an opportunity to work with a much more experienced amazon seller and to focus on the marketing aspect of things to perfect my craft in PPC (Pay per click) advertising.

    The Good:
    Earning around $20K/year
    Lets me travel around the globe non-stop (currently Shanghai, then staying in Buenos Aires 4 months)
    Have time all afternoon to hit the streets for daygame
    Almost all the freedom (check The Ugly further down)

    The Bad:
    Not scalable
    Working for someone
    Comfortable living but not outstanding (logistics just ok)

    The Ugly:
    Feeling of not having 100% freedom

    Develop affiliate marketing skills to slowly build a replacement (and double salary of 20K/year) for the current job with a target of June 2019

    1. Solid story Marko, clear you’re hustling hard, with that mindset it’s only a matter of time to get the freedom you’re after. I’ll send some Torero goodies to your inbox 🙂

  4. This podcast comes at a serendipitous time for me.

    After years working, suffering layoffs and years long retraining programs, I have positioned myself to live a more adventurous and free life. I have not owned a car since 2015 and rented cheap rooms close to work so that I could bicycle to work. Often the trip has been done on snow & ice as I live in the northern US. I’ve had numerous falls with the scars to prove in, not only physically but in my finance and women lives as well. I have learned about biology and human nature i.e. how intersex relationships work in the real world and how one can lead a happier and healthier life. I have also educated myself on personal finance, and investing. The result of all of this is that I have rid myself of debt, and amassed a decent nest egg which I could retire and live (though modestly) off of today if I so chose. Even more importantly all of this has led me to make decisions about my life path that will lead me to greater and greater freedom.

    Now at 37 I can say that I am definitely not going to have children (I have a vasectomy scheduled for August 1st). I will also never be married in the traditional sense either. I will be moving out of full time employment in a few months, and instead working on a contract basis for part of the year (making better money in the process) while travelling and developing projects that interest me. I also have plans to get a van to go on adventures in and decrease my cost of living while I work in the US. My end goal is to have a few products in my field of knowledge which bring me passive income, along with money earned from my investments, and some money from working to ensure consistent income until my projects take off.

    Being a minimalist, never taking on debt (some school loans which I paid off quickly), keeping cost of living low, saving & investing, developing my skills, educating myself, keeping in tip top shape, and living a life that engages me has been the key to getting to my current situation. Some of the recent podcasts from Tom have talked about maintaining/cutting back once you reach a certain age. For me I don’t feel this is the case. Instead I focus on cutting out. Cut out the extraneous BS that will never give you the life that you want to live, whatever that may be.

    I’m excited to hear what you other horny bastards have to share!

  5. Hi tom and lukas great podcast, I have a question regarded credit card debt , is there any chance that I could email you to get some insight from you . Thanks for any help

  6. Classic unhappy middle-aged UK man, serial monogamist but luckily never married and no kids.

    Fed up in a semi professional job I took a sabbatical to travel during 2016 and I’ve never been able to settle back into the rat-race life.

    Saved up some cash, paid off my debts, sold everything I own (can get all my possessions into 3 bags!), completed a CELTA and booked my ticket to Spain on 1st September. Planning to learn daygame and travel for the next 5 years.

    I’ll be 45 years old next month. You’re never too old right!? Fuck it, what else am I going to do? Rot at my desk in blue pill relationships for the next 20 years? Fuck that, roll on the good times!

    Thanks for the road map, Tom.

    1. Inspiring stuff MD, cheers to saying “fuck it” and having the courage to begin again. Sending you an electronic goody bag now

    2. Great story! As a 35 year old I sometimes think what the hell am I doing trying to be a black sheep, that’s for guys in their 20’s… bullshit.. congrats on the CELTA it’s not easy to get and if you didn’t already know, you can teach online to kids in china if you are leaving Spain anytime.

      Thanks for the motivation

  7. Tom,

    Long and hard grind story I’d like to share over a phone chat. Married, father of 3, severe depression into single, financial freedom, international traveler, and daygame.

  8. Hi, Lukasz and Tom,

    Excellent podcast.

    I make a decent wage as a salary man but, sadly, don’t save any of it. You mentioned, Lukasz, that you set up a bank account for Tom that siphons off 2o% of his income each month.

    I’d love to do something like this — is it just a standard checking account? Is it a special type of investment that is earning money on the stock market?

    Along those lines, how should I be investing money that I do have saved? I have a fair amount in mutual funds but I’m taxed heavily when I have to draw on it. If you were to get a windfall of money say from an inheritance or from selling a property, how would you invest it?

    Thanks a lot,
    Washington, DC

  9. Questions from Youtube:

    QUESTION: Radwan Siraj – Easily one of your best podcasts, but of all the weasels finances has to be the greatest, how do we strike the balance

    ANSWER: Thank you for your kind words. I am not sure what you mean by striking the balance. The balance between what?

    QUESTION: Dhruv Tanwar – What are your thoughts on day trading while traveling around? Is it a viable enough income stream?

    ANSWER: In a long run day trading is a losing venture. I have spent over a decade working in sales and trading on Wall Street. You have no chance as a retail day trader against institutional / hedge funds or algo traders. You may find few lucky guys talking about how much money they make from day trading but the truth is that the bulk of their income comes from selling day trading courses not trading. It is not a viable income stream.

    QUESTION: Andrej Kleiman – Can I have Lukas email please?

    ANSWER: Send me a note at Put The Money Game in the subject.

    QUESTION: PeterH – How do you go about buying property outside of the EU/US, why did you pick Colombia over other apparently more politically robust South American states (e.g. Chile), how stable are property laws in South America, did you face any corruption from the governmental side in the process of buying it, how did you find out about your property?

    ANSWER: Having a trusted local contact is the best scenario which was Tom’s case. If this is not an option, nowadays you can find legitimate real estate agencies that cater to foreigners. You will need to do some due diligence on the agency of your choice but it is not too difficult as the internet has a lot of information to help you weed out the dodgy ones.

    Colombia fit all Tom’s criteria either as the place for daygame or a home base plus both the price, return on the investment, and risk was appropriate for his portfolio of investments. The political robustness of South American countries is a bit subjective than objective. If you move beyond watching Narcos Colombia is still a hidden gem and offers few long term investment opportunities.

    We have not face any corruption from the government side and the property was found due to my knowledge of the local real estate market.

    Questions from the site’s comments

    QUESTION: Christiaan – What would be a good source of income and how do you immigrate to a low cost of living country and what country would you recommend (preferably a white country or have a decent white percentage) and how much money do i need to immigrate there. what would you do if you were in my position?

    ANSWER: There is no “one good source of income”. The best source of income is a diversified source. You need to think about what else besides Youtube you can start/create so you have multiple sources of income.

    Keep in mind that most countries will allow you to stay for three to six months on a tourist visa. This removes the need to become a resident and if you earn income online you are not breaking (still the case in most places) any immigration laws staying in such country.

    Create additional streams of income, keep on saving, when you got six months emergency fund in place, and money coming in from different source, hit the road. Visit as many countries as you can. Talk to as many people as you can. Listen a lot. Take notes. Look for ideas for new business ventures. For new income source. Hustle.

    QUESTION: Reds – Is there any chance that I could email you to get some insight from you

    ANSWER: Send me a note at Put The Money Game in the subject.

    QUESTION: Frank – Siphons off 20% of his income each month — is it just a standard checking account? Is it a special type of investment that is earning money on the stock market?

    ANSWER: We have setup a standard saving account at the same bank that each month automatically takes out a certain amount from the checking account. Make sure that your bank doesn’t charge a maintenance fee for the saving account and if does you can always open saving account online and set it up to take out certain amount each month. This is an emergency fund account hence the low interest rate is of secondary importance here.

    QUESTION: How should I be investing money that I do have saved?

    ANSWER: It depends on few things best if you send me a note at Put The Money Game in the subject.

    QUESTION: If you were to get a windfall of money say from an inheritance or from selling a property, how would you invest it?

    ANSWER: A generic answer would be to put 95% in a diversified low cost portfolio of mutual funds like Vanguard and 5% to spend on yourself. Send me a note and we can talk about your particular situation.

  10. Hi Lukasz,

    Thanks to you and Tom for one of the best podcasts on the channel. Would definitely love to see you back on for more!

    Question for your thoughts on number 8 above- specifically regarding marriage / kids. You mentioned that you were married so maybe you can give some insight on that topic. To briefly give you context of my situation-I’m in my early 30s and recently got out of the game, moved in with a girlfriend with strong consideration toward marriage for the purposes of raising a family. I’ve paid off all debts, have a modest savings (over 1 year emergency fund), have a retirement account follows the stock market, currently make pretty decent money and just started a side hustle .

    Thanks again and cheers

    1. Jack,

      First, well done on getting your finances in order!!! Sounds like you got all there in order.

      Secondly, if you are considering long term relationship which may lead to a marriage / kids do sign a prenup before you say “I do”. This has nothing to do with love but with sound financial planning / protection. Buffet has two rules of investing: rule 1 – don’t lose money and rule 2 – never forget rule 1.

      You have built / are building a sound financial safety net so don’t let love take you to the cleaners. Prenups are for the protection of both parties involved and possible kids in the future. You cannot foresee all but you can help yourself avoid few headaches in the future.

      Tip: Prenups are not only for wealthy / asset rich people. With the help of a good lawyer, do make sure your future wife has her own, you can structure an agreement that protects your assets before marriage / and what happened during with your earnings / after in a case where all goes pants.

      Life is so rich,

  11. Fantastic podcast. One of the best!
    I’m 31. Live near London and I’m one of those guys that has fallen into a long term relationship despite all the warnings by Mr Torero. Working in a niche industry and fed up with the monotony of work. Needing inspiration to grab life by the horns and take the leap!

    This podcast and these tips have given me a massive kick up the arse but now I know I need to take action!

    Thank you to you both.

    Keep up the amazing content Tom – I know the your stuff is daygame centric but I’d love you to do Flowmad 2.0!


  12. Tom and Lukasz,

    Thanks for more kick ass content.

    I’m 24 years old. Spent almost 6 years in nursing school investing in education and it is finally paying off. I have always been fiscally conservative compared to my friends but racked up close to $16,000 in loans from housing expenses during school.
    After 11 months of hard work I am debt free, own my car, and am putting a nice portion of my check into retirement/investments. Although I still work in a corporate environment I only have to work 12 days out of the month. This gives me plenty of time to work on projects, educate myself, travel and sharpen my game.
    I am currently stuck getting the wheels rolling on grinding on my days off to start a path on passive income.
    Also had a question regarding investing in a 401k/retirement.
    Is it better to just take the tax hit on your own investment or put money into both?

    Thanks for all the help!

    1. Hi Logan,

      Well done at getting your finances in order

      Send me a note at Put “The Money Game” in the subject and elaborate on 401K and on “the tax hit” as based on what you have written it is a tit bit hard to know what you are looking in terms of answers.

      Life is so rich,

  13. Hi Tom and Lukasz,

    Just caught this podcast today. Great content! Thanks for putting the information out there!

    Currently sat in a library, jobless and in debt trying to figure out a way to get out of a mess I’ve put myself in via a period of intense rubbish.

    I recently ended a 30k p/year office job I was working. The savings have ended and the thought of going through the office ringer again (having to listen to people who don’t know much about life, who are walking around with massive ego because they have a position of power at work) is stopping me trying to get back into the 9-5 office workplace. I’m looking for some ideas in regards to making money in any number of different ways.

    Do you guys have advice here?

    If not, can I come and work for you guys somehow?

    Regards and big red throbs,

  14. Hi Tommy and Lukaz,

    Big question, I am working on affiliate marketing, how would you go about bringing traffic to your website?

  15. Hi there

    Love this podcast, especially as I have been fully self employed for 18 months now and always looking ahead to stay on top the game, so really resonated with me and my current situation.

    I am really interested in buying a property in Columbia so would love to chat about it so if that’s possible then please get in.

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