Actress Same Day Lay Daygame Report

Actress Same Day Lay Daygame Report


Hi Tom,

First of all I wanna say thank you for all the great content you’ve created. I’ve seen different content but yours is what brought me the results. It’s amazing how much people can get done just by learning what you’ve explained in Street Hustle and showed in Stealth Seduction. Thank you!

I’m currently at 740 opens and 23 daygame lays.

This is a lay report from yesterday. It was my first Same Day Lay (SDL). I’ve had several Same Day De-Lays. But the goal I was trying to achieve in every set since listening to your podcast with Anthony was a Same Day Lay. This was also my 60th lay. A great way to celebrate.

I was walking home to drop off my bag and go out to daygame. I was pretty tired but the amount of hot girls I saw meant I had to go out. On my way home I was talking to a fellow daygamer when I said “See you later. I’ve got to open this girl.”

She was about 170, wearing a tight red dress, had blonde hair and a cute, innocent face. Add her petite form and perfect, large breasts and you have a solid 8. She responded very positively, but was a bit shy. The girl was on a way to her sister’s place where she was staying while she was visiting from another city. She actually tried to bounce me to she other side of the street just because of how hot it was on the sunny side. Instead I suggested going for a glass of beer or wine.

We walked to my regular date venue, bar “Alkimikis” which brews their own beer. I got a beer, she only wanted some water. A good, slightly distant girl. The conversation was a bit slow, but I found some topics that sparked her emotions. She had this innocent face. But naughty eyes. I used silence to my advantage to just sit and look in her eyes for around 30 seconds. Later she told me this was the moment she knew she was gonna kiss me. She was a Russian actress from a far away city in Latvia. Recently single.

We finished our drinks and I took her to my favourite wine place with nice sofas outside. I kept the conversation light, spoke a bit about relationships and other typical topics. But at this venue the conversation was more emotional and deeper. Again we finished the drinks pretty fast. We weren’t even finished when she asked where are we going further.

As we headed off to a park not far away from my place she said she’s only going to a park with me and nowhere else. Good sign. I told I can teach her to ride a longboard since she had appropriate shoes on. We stopped at mine and I grabbed my board while she waited outside.

Teaching her to ride a board was an easy way to start escalating. I had to hold her. She responded by holding onto me. Had to catch her a few times when she was falling. Good sign – when the board rolled away she ran after it and bent over to pick it up revealing her black panties.

We lay down in the grass. She put her hand in my lap. As I put my hand on her stomach I started telling how crazy this is. We barely know each other and feel so comfortable. We lied there and watched the trees and sky above us. The connection was strong and we were having a great time. I started talking about tv series and movies to bring up Vicky Cristina Barcelona which she said she’ll watch home. Instead I suggested watching it now if she’s not afraid of me to which she agreed. I didn’t rush and after 15 more minutes we headed towards my place with a stop in a wine shop.

Back at mine everything was as usual. Drinks, music, movie, kissing. As soon as I felt her feeling slightly uncomfortable from escalation I said “We can stop whenever you like.” As I took off her dress I was surprised. Her breasts looked perfect while she was in the dress. Turned out she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her body was 9/10. Perfect, large, firm breasts, slim waist and a perfect ass. Exactly my type.

As i was taking her to my bedroom she stopped and asked if she can stop now, as I told earlier. I said yes and a minute later she initiated going to the bedroom.

We went down on each other. Possibly the best blowjob I’ve gotten from a girl I’ve met through daygame. She left shortly after sex. The next morning she texted me at 7am to say the experience left more impact than she’d expected. She had become curious about how it would feel to be tied up as it is something I like doing and she doesn’t have any experience with it as a good girl she is.

Added bonus – another girl was calling me during sex and wanted to come over “for the cigarettes she had forgotten”. She came over to give me some head. Perfect evening.

Thanks Tom,

St. Robert

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  1. Another thing I found out the next time i met her. On that day she was on a date with a guy she’s been talking for a while. It was their first date and she was gonna go back and spend the night at his. Instead she met this charming church boy St. Robert 🙂

  2. “Perfect, large, firm breasts, slim waist and a perfect ass. Exactly my type.”

    For whom would this not be their type! 😉

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