Daygame Coaching Guide

Disclaimer: I’ve stopped coaching daygame for the rest of this year and most likely next year too, so this article isn’t a sales pitch to get clients.

I’ve been a daygame coach since late 2010, teaching more than 200 weekend bootcamps in over 50 countries from Singapore to South Africa, Miami to Moscow. Below is a list of the top ten things you should focus on when either choosing a pickup coach or becoming one yourself:


  1. The coach has to walk the walk and be a highly proficient daygamer
  2. There has to be a structure. It can’t be a freestyle “be yourself” session
  3. 95% of the coaching should happen infield, talking to girls
  4. The coach needs to have wireless microphones. These are what I use
  5. There has to be feedback, not just pushing you into interactions
  6. You should be doing a minimum of ten approaches in a two hour session
  7. The coach should take you into a range of situations (street, coffee shops, stores, parks etc)
  8. The coach must demo when required
  9. You only need to see a daygame coach every few months (not days!)
  10. There should be realistic expectations and tough love given to you

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