The Daygame Mirror


Dayame is a mirror held up to yourself in many respects. It’s real world feedback about your Male Sexual Market Value, it’s a chance to stare back at your inner demons and, quite literally, it’s a process of your behaviours being mirrored by the girl:

-Before you go in, it’s you who has the Approach Anxiety (AA). After a few seconds being in set, it’s the girl who shows signs of AA

-Through complimenting and flirting, it’s first you who is giving off Indicators of Interest (IOIs) and attempting to deliver Demonstrations Of Higher Value (DHVs). From Hook Point onwards it’s the girl who is now giving off IOIs and DHVs. 

-Throughout the rest of the daygame, texting and dating, the aim is to mirror her pattern of IOIs and IODs to keep optimal tension. Calibration is exactly that.

An experienced player not only sees his reflection in the mirror but alters his behaviour accordingly. Like tango dancers who mirror their movements in synchronicity or a fisherman who can second guess what the fish is about to do, a good daygamer both reads and responds to this reflection.

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