Below The Belt Launch

Below The Belt Tom Torero


We’re about two weeks away from the launch of my new paperback book “Below The Belt: Secret Society Seductions.” 70,000 words of filthy lay reports, fuck ups and the darker side of game.

I’ll be doing a UK/Ireland book tour to coincide with the launch at the end of September if you want to get your grubby hands on a copy from me in person – details to follow once the release date is 100% confirmed.

4 thoughts on “Below The Belt Launch”

  1. I’m guessing this is the last book and/or pick up product you will release ?

    Marks the end of an era for the pick up world in a way.

  2. Hi Tom, it will be an awesome book! waiting to buy a signed copy from you and so to have an excuse to come to London and make a lot of game 😉

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