Hot Or Not: Quality Control


This week’s daygame podcast explores the classic ‘HB’ hotness scale of girls used in pickup and the realities of what players actually pull from cold approach. How is a 6 different from a 9? What can you do to improve your quality? Why is being overly fussy actually a form of approach anxiety?

2 thoughts on “Hot Or Not: Quality Control”

  1. Surely more than looks matters. So if an 8 is late for a date by 45 mins with poor communication and then turns up and crudely expects you to buy her drinks all night, any self respecting male would ditch her, not still think, oh she’s amazing cuz she’s an 8. So personality plays a part in attraction right?

    1. Attraction (wanting to fuck her) is visual for men, not based on her personality.

      And don’t buy her drinks all night – you get the first round, she gets the second.

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