Overselling In Pickup


Overselling: When a salesperson continues their sales pitch after the customer has already made a decision

Beware the oversell in pickup. You’re over-egging the pudding, trying too hard and coming across as needy because of it.

Perhaps you missed the Hook Point. She’s into you but you’re still selling yourself with flashy attraction material. Maybe you’re on the date and over qualifying yourself: look at this next interesting photo of me, listen to this next cool story about me…

You’ve not picked up on the signals she’s feeding back to you. The window of opportunity might well be closing as you bounce to an additional venue with her or suggest an unnecessary next date.

Establish the frame that she is qualifying to you, that she’s more interested in buying than you are selling. “The customer doesn’t want to feel like they’re being sold to.”¬†You should never be grovelling.

Make your pitch. Gauge her reaction. Respond accordingly and close the deal as soon as possible once you’ve got a green light to proceed.

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