How Many Active Daygamers Are There?

How many active daygamers are in your city right now? If you’re out infield putting in the miles then you’ll have a rough idea by seeing the same guys at the same spots over and over.

I’m interested in your estimates. Especially for the big daygame hubs like London, New York, Toronto and Sydney. Leave a comment below with your city and your best guess.

Being a fan of daygame pickup and actually doing it regularly in the real world are two very different things. As you can see from the last month’s analytics for my YouTube channel and the podcast, there’s a big audience for this content but that doesn’t reflect how many actual daygamers there are on the street. Do you even approach bro? 😉

tom torero youtube stats

Over 4.6 million total video views. 26,000 subscribers. 940,000 minutes watched this month. But how many guys go out?


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Over 1 million podcast downloads on iTunes (95,000 downloads last month). But who’s hitting the streets?

50 thoughts on “How Many Active Daygamers Are There?”

    1. Swedish guy here, I was daygaming one week in Riga last autumn. I didn’t see any other daygamer during my stay.
      I’ll come back in end of October/beginning of November again.

  1. I’m a regular New York City daygamer (x3 sessions a week) in the usual places (union, washington, fifth, soho) and I rarely see more than two or three of the same guys. For such a big city that’s it!

    1. On my NYC daygame trips I’ve never seen more than 10 guys infield (excluding bootcamps in Union Sq). That’s astonishing considering the population and number of hot girls

  2. I’m a regular daygamer San Diego U.S Believe or not I’m only one who is doing daygame and every time when I go to the mall I never saw someone gaming, guys like to talk about gaming but not doing it.

  3. Toronto guy here. Im on a year and a half hiatus to get my financial situation sorted but here’s what Ive seen from my daygame sessions in the downtown Toronto area. Up until 2016 to early 2017 my estimate is around a hundred or so from all the guys I ran into and local wingman fb groups. Now there are probably less than ten. I rarely see any daygamers at all in the high pedestrian eras and malls if even that. Oh well. Less competition for me When I get back into daygaming next year. I still do a sniper aporoach ever so often during my break cause I love daygame too much to evet fully quit

    1. I live in buffalo ny I’ve been doing daygame For couple of months now it’s work I take action every time I get an opportunity, after I got some numbers and started going out on a date with girls from daygame I feel confident also started to improve my Smv I did some game in NYC last month not seriously just for skill improvement I turned 25 last week good bless daygame and our preacher mr Tom we’re lost without daygame I’m horny hope all my brothers from game do the same.

  4. Tom, you mentioned in your podcast, you are coming to Edinburgh. I’ve been DG’ing here for since 2010 (yes 8 years!!) as it’s my base and I’m excited to have you visit my city. If you need a place to have a warm shower, a home cooked meal and some beers over some war stories, please do reach out! I must repay the favour for the amazing work you have done in changing my life!

  5. Also I have those infields of you from before you worked at your former company.
    When you first started on youtube and posted videos of you picking up in Covent Garden with Antony.
    If you still want those, let me know,
    RealKashanova from EDI.

  6. London: 10-15 I reckon, and probably at the lower end of that. Guys getting laid and out consistently, that is; there are always a new crop of guys walking around together with less than 30 sets between them.

    1. If there’s only 10-15 active daygamers in the city where daygame was invented and refined… then daygame is definitely a dying art form.

      How can we encourage more cool guys to take up daygame ? I don’t want a city filled with spammers of course but its always good for the large cities to have a reliable rat pack of dedicated players to befriend.

      1. No more than 10-20 committed active daygamers (x3 sessions a week plus) has always been the case for London since I started in 2009-2010

  7. Well I’m on a jaunt in Prague right now and it appears to be only me. Scary yet liberating to know I have the city to myself 😉

  8. London: solo x 3 per week, weekly with wing. What do I see?
    Oxford Street – difficult to say. Don’t see anyone else approaching. Although it’s a very difficult street to DG on unless it’s Sunday lunchtime. The shops are better.
    Regent street – none.
    Carnaby Street – a couple. Probably because it’s vibey and maybe they’d been drinking.
    Leicester Sq – no one
    Argyle street – no one
    South bank – a few Daygamers. Slow and arty, maybe they are college guys.
    Camden – my favourite place! This is my patch. I own this place along with 30 drug dealers. Never see any other guys here. Lots of tourists and couples. Seriously hot chicks here.
    Covent Garden – newbies hangout here, B takes his students here also, as well as Trafalgar Sq, because of the slow atmosphere. I don’t like it too much for DayGame. Lots of young Japanese.
    Piccadilly Circus – me and my wing
    Holborn – never see any other Daygamers.
    Brick Lane – a few Daygamers here. Hip, trendy. Maybe they are nigh gamers getting in some approaches before the evening.
    St James Park – young student lads sniffing around with indirect game kicking balls at girls. Lots of Russians walk through this park.

    There’s a few spots I won’t mention. But it’s like being in a sweet shop.
    Stats: about 1/40 approach to lay ratio. That includes warm up sets/throw away compliment/spam openers.
    Most notches are 7’s, I’ve stopped with the 6’s because my self esteem is worth more.
    I can’t seem to break into 9’s and 10’s. Mayfair or Chelsea is my next adventure, and a change in fashion to sport a different vibe.

    DayGame is an ART

  9. In Miami, I always frequent Lincoln Road, Aventura and Dolphin Mall. Buy heavy in Lincoln. I’d say besides my wing…5 other guys doing it.

  10. Hi,I am Fuad from Dubai and I would like to say there is no one else who games in my city…….and I can say that with full confidence because I am mostly in my room watching your videos…..Cheers 😉

    1. Wonder if that was me? I am normally based in Sydney although spent a week gaming in Melbourne recently. I estimate in Sydney there are around 10-15 guys doing it, vast majority look very beginner. I didn’t see anyone else in Melbourne doing it in my time down there and I was hitting all of the main pedestrian spots in the centre of the city.

    1. Hi ArabianKing,
      I do daygaming in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Let me know if you are interested in hooking up and do some daygaming together.


  11. London: been out last 4 weekend days central. Haven’t seen a single gamer out there besides my wings. Life is good boys get out there!

  12. While I was in Mumbai I think there maybe around 10-15 which is measly for a City with a population of close to 20 million.
    Here in Toronto I go out almost 4 days a week and haven’t seen anyone still.

  13. Outside of London, none.

    I hit the ‘home counties’ towns, Reading, Basingstoke, Newbury, Bracknell… Don’t see any.

    Like walking into virgin territory every time I go out. Not many virgins left mind 😉

    Shopping centre security know me by now and joke with me when they are not apprehending shop-lifters. They don’t mind me doing DG, suspect they’d rather be doing what I’m doing than they are.

  14. Philadelphia, USA: 2 guys – me and my wingman.
    I met a lot of guys wanted to do Daygame here. But they came out once; and I never see them coming out again.
    Philadelphia doesn’t have as many people as New York City, but it has 6 Universities. Each has between 10000 to 30000 young hot students. Just too many for 2 lone wolves 😉

  15. I’m based in San Francisco, California. I’d say around 25 active daygamers. I know and frequently wing with about half of them.

    I reckon the reason it’s such a high number given SF is only 900k is due to the lopsided gender ratio in favor of women (due to the tech dominance) forcing more men to take extreme action. It also doesn’t help that a large portion of the women pride themselves on being unattractive. I’ve taken trips abroad and am astounded that in many countries, most young women take great care of their beauty but alas here on the West Coast of the U.S., beauty standards are considered sexist by many.

    There’s always a new crop of guys who I see start hustling in September in January due to resolutions for the new year or start of school. Almost all will wash out. It’s a small daygame area (centered around Union Square) so if you’re out enough – say 3-4 times a week – you’ll spot most active dudes in a month or two.

    Collectively, most of SF daygamers’ success comes from foreign girls whether they be students or tourists. The population of hot local girls (and there certainly are some) have innumerable options from good-looking, financially successful dudes and they tend to keep to their enclave in the Marina district.

    1. Hello Jack,

      I recently moved from LA to SF, I have been gaming near Union Square for the past 2 months about 2 – 3 times a week, I did not come across anyone. But I had 2 women telling me they had men doing the same thing with them and one literally asked me are guys in a group hitting on women? Then I realized there must be daygamers, I thought there may be a couple of daygamers, but for a population of 900k, about 25 is certainly a big number.

      1. There’s two many dudes in SF in general haha, its a snowballing problem and Sumanth we’re there but perhaps you simply haven’t noticed us yet.

    2. That’s not true. No way 25 daygamers. I’ve daygamed in SF there on and off for over two years and only ever saw 2 or 3 other dudes. You might be talking about Whatsapp groups or Facebook groups but those dudes are theory junkies.

      1. No I am really not. Im talking regulars. And yes I go out 3-4 times a week and approach. Daygaming on and off of course you’re only goinf to spot 2-3 each time.

  16. I have been a keen observer to spot a daygamer where I live; in Toulouse (France), but I have not seen one single approach made. Perhaps, due to the invisibility of some daygamers, it’s hard to recognise them, but I have daygamed in every potential daygame area in the city (from malls, to squares, to compuses…), If they were some I would have seen one by now, but I have the feeling that I am the only daygamer around here..

  17. I have been doing this for only two months in Paris… I saw like five guys doing it in the same places that i do. But here is common to approach girls on the street… not always in a very respectful way which is no good for guys trying to learn those skills..
    Even tourists staying here for a few days told me that they have been already approached.. It is thoug here but i will continue 🙂

    1. I’m new to this game after 1 year of studying theories of game. Now got my balls working for daytime cold approach in a mall near my place since I’m a free lancer. First week i felt really strange to what I’m doing, but when all of this hot babes pass by, I dont want to be frustrated anymore after 29 years of my life, letting them just pass by in front of me, feeling sorry for myself when I got home. I’ve tried lots of schools of thought but Tom’s beginner model sealed the deal. I’m from Philippines BTW i think i’m the only asian here? Lots of love to daygamers out there. GO APPROACH THAT HOT BABE!

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