Is Daygame Pickup Luck Or Skill?


This week’s daygame podcast tackles the common criticism of cold approach pickup being “a numbers game” of chance. Using the mathematics of poker I calculate what percentage is an improvable skill and what percentage is down to the daygame gods.

Dealing with the highs and lows of pickup is a key part of the emotional control of a player. In the podcast I also examine why some guys can stay on the ride while others are quick to jump off.

One thought on “Is Daygame Pickup Luck Or Skill?”

  1. In order to learn we need to fail. The only way you acquire a skill is you experiencing and overcoming failure. People who claim that daygame is simply a game of chance are missing the point of learning through failure. They also miss the fact that it is such a huge confidence booster which spillover positively to other aspects of your life. I really liked your tilt analogy and how it fits into daygame. Few of the ways that I control my emotions or tilt are based on some of the advises you had in a previous podcasts, which are to disregard the outcome, focus on the process and learning, take a break to learn from mistakes and the experience, and finally just enjoy it. I mean to all these moaners what is more enjoyable, talking to good looking girls or moaning on your couch about daygame!

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