Black Sheep Bandit Award: Summary #4


Here’s the final trip report from Mr K who went over to Bulgaria at the end of August to complete his Black Sheep Bandit Award objectives. Mission accomplished ūüėȬ†

“Summary of Sofia –¬†After a sleepless night it was time to make the journey to Manchester airport. Our flights were at 06:25 meaning being at the airport for 4am. I arrived in Sofia red eyed from the lack of sleep and¬†aching from the 3.5 hour flight in the¬†cattle truck. However, I was in good spirits mentally, the new city enthusiasm was running through me. We unpacked and hit the streets, to get our bearings and scope date venues. My wing was straight into set, he spotted a girl and needed no encouragement. I smiled and thought he’s off already!

As he was in set at the top of Vitosha Street, I was waiting and took a picture for one of the other guys back home. Just then I noticed a blonde out of my perhiperal vision making her way to the metro. Autopilot kicked in despite the lack of sleep, dehydration and the sun almost blinding me Рshe was too hot to let pass. I opened, the set was ok considering, closed her on Facebook and the first set in Sofia was under my belt.


After a good rest and finding our bearings, the second day was much more promising, I told my wing we should get the numbers in¬†for the¬†first few days and we did. I did not count exactly but I’d estimate the first 4-5 days we hit 60 approaches. We could then relax, do the odd ones here and there whilst working on the leads we had already closed. By the third day I had my first date lined up a cute 19 year old brunette. The date went well, so well I tried to bounce her after the first venue. Got her 10 yards from the apartment and she¬†stopped.

‚Äú‚ÄėNope, I’m not that easy!” This became a theme for the next two nights. Three girls put the brakes on yards from the apartment door.

It was frustrating, but¬†admitedly¬†I’d been pulling the trigger too fast. One of those three girls was super on, she was a girl I’d met¬†on a 35’C baking hot day. I was stood in the shade waiting for my wing to finish his set. He can take¬†an age in set – I’ve¬†given him the nickname ‚ÄėThe World Record Holder’‚Ķ. 7 minutes max man, not 25!

I was waiting for him to finish his marathon set when a cute 7 wearing shades and a black dress meanders past. I step out of the shade and walk in her direction, she sees me and takes out her earphones and looks super receptive to the open. I tried to follow my usual set structure but she interrupted:

“I’m in a rush. Do you want to take my number?”

Erm, why not. And off she went. We made out heavily on the first date and there was a lot of touching, biting and heavy breathing. I knew if she came out again, it would be mine to lose. I just hoped I had not burned the lead by over-escalating too quickly. My wing had got laid too by this point, so the pressure was on.

Luckily, after some hard work through text, she came out for¬†a second date. This time I was far more relaxed, we went to a nice outdoor¬†bar with a band playing, I was¬†enjoying the music whilst occasionally¬†paying her attention¬†between the songs. I asked her¬†if she was an animal, what she would be? She¬†could not think of anything initially. I told her no rush, I’ll be listening to the music until she’s had a good think. She leaned in after about a minute and said “a panther.” I smiled,¬†it was quite apt for her to be fair.

“And you?” she asked.

I leaned into her. ‚ÄúA lion.‚ÄĚ ¬†Her hand was on my leg and I felt her squeeze my thigh.

“They make a good match” she said.

¬†‚ÄúMaybe, we will see‚Ķ‚ÄĚ I replied.

We finished our drinks, I asked for the bill and walked us in the direction of Vitosha Street, our apartment was just around the corner from the main street (she knew this already from the first date). We talked nonsense most of the way. We got to the corner of street near my apartment and she put the brakes on again. She was saying she had an interview in the morning, she should go. She said it in a playful way, that really she wanted to stay but she was feeling guilty of what might be about to happen, typical token LMR.

I smiled and thought here we go again, it took around 20 minutes of back and forwards, pushing, pulling, teasing until she went to kiss me passionately. I remembered from the last time that pretty much after we kissed she departed. So this time I pulled away first.

‚ÄúNo, naughty panther‚ÄĚ I said and offered her my neck to kiss. I then picked her up over my shoulder and carried her to the apartment door. When I put her down she was clearly aroused touching herself over her pink summer dress and moaning.

As I put the key in the apartment door, her phone rang, I thought brilliant this is just my luck. I couldn’t understand a word as she¬†spoke abruptly¬†in Bulgarian to the person on the other end. I understood ‘da’ and ‘chao‘ as she finished the call. She said “I have to go.‚ÄĚ

The door was open and I stepped inside, she was on the outside. I replied “me too” and smiled at her. There was a brief stand off and then she then hurried inside and it was on in the apartment entrance. We still had to get up to my apartment two floors upwards but we both were so turned on we nearly f*cked there in the public hallway.

She sucked my d*ck as I lent over and fingered her. She was soaking. I lifted up her skirt and went to get the condom out of my pocket until I remembered I had not brought one out, shit! I told her they were upstairs in the apartment, took her hand and led the way. The rest looked after itself. She said it was a great experience for her and she thought I was a great seducer. I said I thought she was bloody hard work. She giggled and off she went into the night to get a cab ūüėČ


The evening after I had another date lined up with a girl I had met at Paradise Mall a few days previously. This was a refreshing change from the night before. She was a lovely, sweet, soft, very femine beautiful Bulgarian girl. She happily fell into my frame, looking at me starry eyed as she told me how much she loved England. Perfect I thought.

We had a drink at the usual date venue that my wing had named ‘my second home’ overlooking the park. I asked if she had anything planned for tomorrow (Saturday), she replied that she had finished work for the week and had free time. Bingo! We finished our drinks and went for a wander together.

We got some late night ice-cream and she wanted to show me parts of her city I might not have seen. I let her due to not doing it in a frame controlling manner, she just seemed proud to show me. We walked for another 30 minutes with her showing me The Church of St George the oldest building in Sofia, it was all very nice. Then I thought, time to lead and head back towards the apartment. I said let’s go back to the apartment and watch a film on my tablet. She looked at me and asked what else… I said maybe a massage if she was lucky. We both smiled knowingly. I took her hand as we got closer, no resistance.

“But you have to be quiet our neighbours are grumpy,” I said.

She replied “Ok, they must be Bulgarian‚Ķ” and smiled again.

The rest is history, I let her stay the night and saw her again before I left.

We did a bit of gutter game, but found most girls were out in social groups and the clubs were spread out everywhere, not ideal. We broke up the trip by climbing Vitosha Mountain, we went to a shooting range and also went to Rila Monestary. It was a great two weeks, one of the best trips yet. I really liked Sofia personally.¬† I suppose getting laid always gives you optimism about a place. But I think it has everything you need a for a¬†good daygame city.”

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