Black Sheep Award #5: Mission Aims

Mr T from the UK will be the fifth Black Sheep Award recipient and this is his mission outline for Autumn:

A little bit about me:

I would describe myself as a nerdy guy, not generally very good with girls. I’m 21, I work full-time and currently live in a small town. Did my first direct cold approach in May 2018 and things started to get going when I started to do two-hour ten-set sessions.

I went on holiday to Paris on my own for three nights in early August. I did not intend to daygame, but was feeling the vibes, so started approaching. I ended up getting an instant date which was cool. This experience made me want to go on a daygame pilgrimage abroad in the future.

I am still in the beginner stages of daygame having done 130 approaches in 4 months. This yielded 6 first dates, a make out, and a very nice sexual experience. With small towns not being ideal for daygame, I plan to travel to London on weekends with the train fares generously subsidised by this award.


  • Travel to London once per week for a daygame session.
  • Arrive early in the day, meet with a wing, and do 12+ sets per session.
  • In around 8 weeks, I should have done a further 100 approaches, at which point I will write a review of my results – I want this to be a very candid account of my experiences.


Sticking points:

  • Going for the phone number instead of the idate.
  • Not going for the kiss on dates.
  • Other than that, I will record myself (as per Uncle Tom’s suggestion) to have a cringe filled review of my performances for the train journey home, and identify areas for improvement

One thought on “Black Sheep Award #5: Mission Aims”

  1. Hi Tom,

    I’ve realized that a major problem with my game, aside from my physical health, is that I don’t have much fun (of any kind) in my life and this leaks through my vibe and girls notice it easily. My job is boring and isolating, I don’t have many friends and I live in a little town. How can I reverse this problem?

    BTW, I wish your daygame book was available in Kindle format too.

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