Below The Belt Podcast

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September Daygame Meetups and Book Signing:

Sat 22nd, Dublin, 7pm, O’Neill’s, 2 Suffolk St

Sun 23rd, Manchester, 7pm, O’Neill’s, The Printworks

Mon 24th, Edinburgh, 7pm, Malones, 242 Morrison St

Tue 25th, Birmingham, 7pm, O’Neill’s, Broad St

Wed 26th, Cardiff, 7pm, O’Neill’s, St Mary’s St

Thu 27th, London, 7pm, O’Neill’s, China Town

2 thoughts on “Below The Belt Podcast”

  1. At minute 22, you mention that some guys who are judgmental are not in the Secret Society. So can you be a successful player with a high notch count and still not be in the Secret Society? What about being red-pill and game-aware? I don’t want to name names but a few judgmental guys teach and practice game. There is a different guy who got into game, then went full Traditionalist Catholic and was always judgmental—he knows very well about the Secret Society but I’m guessing he was never let in.

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