The Siren’s Song


“She’s The One! Different from all the rest! The missing thing in my life that will make me whole. I can finally quit this Game nonsense and settle down!” 

We like to think of ourselves as rational creatures but if that’s the case then why do so many men cash in their personal and financial freedoms for a hot girl based on a sudden emotional pull? Affection Addiction is the answer, that craving of oxytocin in our lives which does powerful things to our minds and bodies. Oxytocin is the siren’s song to draw you closer to the rocks of monogamy.

The selective pressure of evolution has made it so. To raise a child successfully a male temporarily pair-bonds with a female for 2-3 years during that first period critical to an infant’s survival.

To get a male to stick around and “settle” for a few years means lowering his drive to roam and pursue other females. How? As soon as a man has a child his testosterone levels drop off steeply. This drop continues the more the father is involved in child care.

Like mermaids lulling sailors towards the jagged shore with their sweet songs, consider what freedoms you’re abandoning when you next obsess about one particular girl. What price is to be paid for an impulsive emotional decision? Will your ship survive the impact?


Shipwreck solutions:

  • “One is too close to none.” Play the field, keep your options open. Go out and get leads. Date multiple girls
  • Get your oxytocin from other relationships – friends, family, ex girlfriends
  • Beware of emotional decision making. Let things settle before making a decision with your dick rather than your mind. 

2 thoughts on “The Siren’s Song”

  1. Hi Tom,

    I have a question about a problem I keep running into infield. I am a 24 yr old beginner daygamer that has been on a few dates but still hasn’t gotten laid.

    When I approach 18 or 19 year old girls they sometimes say I am “too old” for them even though I’m only in my mid twenties yet guys like you in your late thirties seem to be banging 18 year olds in your stealth seduction product.

    Is there a way I can get around this age gap or is it a cultural Canadian thing where girls won’t date guys that are even slightly older ? I am trying to improve my SMV by taking your advice on learning to dress dapper as well as getting into body building (lifting weights, doing ab excercises to get that six pack) etc

    In addition to reading and watching your materials to diagnose the problems in my sets.

    1. There’s huge cultural propaganda against age gaps in Canada, but you should ignore this.
      There are some women who are hard nos for this (they’ll walk away in disgust), but for others this is a frame test.
      The best thing you can do here is to start by making sure you think it’s Ok, then holding that frame.

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