Black Sheep Bandit Award: Mission Aims #6

Black Sheep Bandit Award


“Hi guys, I am the lucky recipient of the Autumn Black Sheep Award. With this money I will travel to Ukraine from the 23rd of November to 6th of December.  

A little background about myself – I am a 26 year old Singaporean male of Chinese ethnicity, currently completing my Masters in the Netherlands. I have been daygaming for almost 2 years now, with  1200 approaches done, half of which were done in Europe.

My approach to lay ratio stands at around 1%, so I can be classified as a beginner. As an Asian guy, gaming in Europe was not the easiest thing. However after spending the necessary amount of hours infield (with proper analysis afterwards), I found everything from my accent to my vibe changing. Over time, that that limiting belief didn’t hold me back anymore.

I take a very statistical and methodological approach to daygame and dedicate 1 hour every evening to it. For me it is a great way to unwind after a day of work and also great preparation for evening dates. 

Back to the topic of hustling in Ukraine – I think Eastern European girls are the most beautiful and most feminine girls in the world. Thus it would make sense to dive in the deep end and go to the source. The first two days I will spend getting used to the city, sussing out number farming and date locations/logistics. Day 3 onward will be number farming mode. 10 solid approaches per day, no spam. I define a solid approach as an approach where I at least deliver the stack and have some back and forth going on. As such, blowouts do not count.

I have heard that SDLs and one-date-lays are not common in this part of the world, especially for a beginner daygamer like me. That will be at the back of my mind but I will still run the Tom Torero date model and calibrate accordingly. 

Specific aims/things to improve on:

  • Voice tonality. I have a naturally monotonous voice, which can be a bit too dull and robotic at times. I will record my voice with a James Bond style USB voice recorder. 
  • Non-verbal attraction. Since I don’t speak a word of Ukrainian/Russian, this will give me a good chance to practice my non-verbal techniques and vibe. 
  • Entitlement to beautiful women. I want to desensitize myself to quality girls. This will be helpful to get a bigger picture of what is out there in the world

Over the trip I should do between 100-120 approaches, so I expect at least one lay. On the other hand, I will abide by the “freedom from outcome” principal and as long as I put in the effort with proper reflection and analysis, the trip is a success.

Keep hustling

Mr. J”

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