Daygame Mission Summary


October 2018, Russia

  • 100 approaches
  • 39 contact details
  • 9 first dates (plus 6 date flakes)
  • 3 lays (plus 2 near misses) 

The app “Tally Counter” tracked the approaches

The iPhone “Health” app tracked the distance

The app “New Digits” tracked the contacts

6 thoughts on “Daygame Mission Summary”

  1. Inspiring. Thank you.

    I am a beginner and did 30 direct approaches in the last 10 days. I improved by: 1) slowing my voice; 2) listening for the topic the girl gives instead of going with my next thought; 3) learning to be prepared for a better response than I expect after the first date; 4) smiling; 5) realizing that I need longer conversations and getting a number after 45 seconds isn’t good – it’s a flake.

    An ‘ah-ha’ moment occurred yesterday when I became aware of how I was falsely assuming that most girls would not be open to my approach. My best day was an afternoon when I assumed every girl I approached would enjoy the interaction. I will adopt this mindset tomorrow when I start conversations.

    1. Hey Bill, great observations. I’ve come to the same conclusion about my own game. Do you have a blog or Twitter where you write about this?

  2. Man that is a low number, 3 out of 100, sounds inefficient, from online and Tinder I get a new bang out of 10 or so matches and when I used to do day game it was easily a new lay from a handful of approaches

  3. Hey Tom, I think you forgot to mention your “different” way of opening in your new pod cast. Really interested in this adjustment you made since the front stop can be abit too much to most girls 😀

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