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This blog and my material is solely about seducing girls as a pickup artist using the cold approach method of daygame. After more than a decade of data collection from daygamers across the globe there’s a clear consensus about ballpark statistics from open to close.

A blog about night game, online game or Tinder would have different data sets and expectations. I’m not knocking those ways to meet women, just reinforcing the point that those methods will have their own specific data and expertise.

I often get emails or comments like the following:

“Man that is a low number, 3 out of 100, sounds inefficient, from online and Tinder I get a new bang out of 10 or so matches and when I used to do day game it was easily a new lay from a handful of approaches”

For all I know this guy might be recounting real stats, but to infer general patterns from a small sample size of personal recollections is unhelpful for those embarking on a daygame quest.

Over the years I’ve made various videos and podcasts about realistic daygame statistics and what to expect on your own journey:

Realistic Daygame Statistics – how many approaches lead to sex?

Daygame Is Difficult – is street pickup the easiest way to get girls into bed?

PUA Marketing Spam vs Normal Expectations – what’s the magic pill?

Daygame Mission Summary – what can you expect on a daygame trip?

Quality Control – how hot are the girls you can pull from daygame?

4 thoughts on “Fisherman’s Tales”

  1. For me it doesn’t matter that I as a beginner have to do 100 approaches to get laid because I actually enjoy the process of daygame itself.

    If I have good interaction with a girl but she end up flaking, or a first date that doesn’t end up with a notch I’m fine with it because I still enjoyed the process of flirting and going out on a date with her. The different stages of daygame and dating are an adventure in and of themselves.

    This goes back to Tom’s video on the fly fishing analogy to daygame. ” Most men fish their whole lives without realizing that it wasn’t about the fish”

    1. Exactly what I was thinking, Dexter! Listen,to you guys who go on about efficiency know this: Daygame is something that you have to enjoy. You have to be in flow with the grinding. The grinding has to appeal to you!

      If efficiency is all you want, then go ahead and use Tinder. Hell! Go get a high-priced escort, expensive up front but when you factor in the time investment that you would have to do otherwise it is the best way.

      1. Caleb of the Black Dragon Blog has an interesting article on the two different types of men into PUA/seduction.

        Thrill of the Hunt Men vs Pleasure of Sex Men. Basically the daygame and nightgame guys (cold approach) are more into the thrill of flirting and seducing girls.

        Where as the Online dating and social circle guys only care about the sex act itself.

        Full blog post is here.

  2. Anyone with any kind of practical experience in day game for more than a few months knows that a guy claiming to get a lay from a handful of approaches is not being completely honest about either this statistic or the quality/quantity of women he is approaching. Yes, day game is difficult, but anything that is worth it or highly sought after in life is difficult. Highly attractive, young women will always be highly sought after. It is like being a billionaire or an olympic athelete – you don’t just become one through 5 or 10 minutes of work – it takes massive effort to improve yourself first to rise above the mediocre majority.

    I have limited experience with tinder before I got into day game. My experience with it is that the quality of women I am dating through day game is far better. If you are a male model (given that tinder is mostly looks based dating) then maybe you will have some success with it getting girls below your level, although even then, from my experience the women will appreciate it more if you just grow some balls and approach them in person.

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