Winter Black Sheep Awards


The final two Black Sheep Awards for 2018 will be given out on the 15th November so it’s the last chance to apply this year if you’re planning a daygame mission in another city and need help with your transport and accommodation costs.

Further details and the application form is here. Only two months to go before the year is out so it’s the final opportunity to get infield for some festive flirting.

2 thoughts on “Winter Black Sheep Awards”

  1. Hi Tom,
    First of all, i have big respect for you and Eric so thanks again for sharing lot of free stuff and inspiration. I like the honesty of pick up material you share on your podcasts. I am into game /street hustling/cold calling for more than 5 years now. All girls i met and got laid and serious/temporary relations i met through cold calling so i love it every single day. Now i don’t generally count my closes with women but i have approximately closed 100 and most of them 7,8.and 9s. Recently i started watching your videos after i met this pick up guy on street who told me about you, he seems like beginner and told me about you 4-5 months ago. I consider myself natural indirect/direct pick up artist. I am 33 years old, live in Auckland and NZ from last 9 years and Indian originally but i still get laid a lot on and off occasionally. I would love to be in touch with you and share my stories. Once again Uncle Tom, your podcast material is 100% true coz i do this hustling everyday so it really makes me feel more pumped to see awesome people around.

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