Flirtation Is Friction


“Friction creates heat and forwards motion”

In this week’s podcast I go through ten ways to add some friction to your daygame, texting and dating that gets her qualifying and the wheels of compliance momentum turning.

To apply for the Winter Black Sheep Awards mentioned in the show go here.  The deadline is the 15th November for submissions.

One thought on “Flirtation Is Friction”

  1. Absolutely brilliant as always Tom! This podcast was so relevant to the challenges I have been facing, its almost as if you’ve been stalking me and listening in on my daygame! I have been recording many interactions over the past weeks and have just started editing them down to the relevant bits, ready for submission for some feedback and you may have just done yourself out of a fee!

    Just ordered “Below The Belt” and looking forward to hearing more of your outrageous antics 😉

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