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From 2015 to 2017 I had an active Twitter account for my daygame and dating musings. I’ve been getting emails asking about compiling the most popular tweets from the old account so I thought I’d make a start on here:


“What you concede to at the start of a relationship sets the tone for what you’ll put up with for the rest of it”


“Worst questions to ask her before hook point:

  • What’s your name?
  • Where are you from?
  • What do you do?
  • What are you up to?



“If you’re not one of the chosen, become one of the choosers”


“People buy on emotion and justify with logic. Same for a girl’s sexual decision making”


“Her bar of expectation is incredibly low for bad boys but magnificently high for nice guys”


“Cold approach pickup = the attempt to fuck hot girls.

‘Self Development’ = the attempt to do anything to avoid actually approaching girls”


“Cultivate a naughty twinkle in your eyes, a mischievous smirk with your mouth. Speaks louder than words”


“Assume familiarity: treat her like a puppy dog, a partner-in-crime or a bratty playmate. Not like a colleague, an interviewee or the queen”


“Girls fall for guys who don’t fall”


“Risk awkwardness. Boldness is always better than bashfulness”


“Many guys are freaking out about girls changing fast. Fear not. Biology wins. What men & women find attractive is ancient and hardwired”


“Verbal is the poor man’s non-verbal”


“The girl is your mirror”


“Nice Guy daygame & dating is self-sabotaging in that you don’t want to escalate because it will destroy the purity fantasy you have of her”


“Lover Rules:

  1. She can’t sleep over
  2. Only see her x1 a week
  3. Don’t text daily
  4. No public displays of affection
  5. Only sex, no dates”


“When she texts ‘Maybe’ it means no. Flake on her before she does”


“Don’t justify or explain yourself to a girl. Just because she asks you a question doesn’t mean you have to answer (or answer seriously)”


“18-21 year old girls are very easy to qualify. Ask her how tall she is, why she’s single, where she’s travelled, if she’s fun as well as cute”


“Many guys go on dates that are far too long and static. Set a time limit (mine is 90 minutes) and use two venues. Escalate and lead home”


Get off Tinder. There are younger, hotter girls wandering around the streets, stores, cafes, malls and parks of your city, horny and lonely”


“Girls want: babies, house, security

You want: hotties, 3sums, jet-skis

Don’t feel guilty about going for what you want. She doesn’t”


“Think of how it feels being around a masculine girl on a date. Now imagine how it feels as a girl being around a feminine guy”


“Cold approach is not ‘find the Yes Girl who likes me already.’ Expect girls to be sceptical. Expect to do the work. You stopped her. Step up”


“Just as men are wired to constantly scan for boobs and ass, women are wired to constantly scan for male power. Attraction is not a choice”


“Nice Guy tells: leans in, uptalk, breaks tension, rapport-seeking, available, passive, apologises, Friend Zones himself, agreeable, asexual”


“The more you talk to her, the greater the probability that you won’t fuck her”


“How To Fail: complain, be the victim, follow the herd, lack emotional control, procrastinate, lack gratitude, react, live in the past/future”


“Girls are shapeshifters, taking on the role that a guy’s frame presents. She’s malleable to being the lover or girlfriend/wife…you decide”


“Stop kidding yourself she’s ‘not that type of girl.’ It’s the shy, innocent ones that are the most repressed”


“She’s not different. Your situation is not different. The biological principles of Game are universal”


“Girls, like puppies or kids, are in the NOW. Their emotions dictate their decisions and can change rapidly. Make her FEEL, not think”


“Good text: ‘I’m thirsty, let’s go for drinks at 8, wear something summery ;)’

Bad text: ‘Hey what’s up? Are you free for a drink? 8 ok?”


“The best time to kiss her is mid-sentence, right as she’s talking”


“Walk down the street like you mean business. Chin up, shoulders back, taking up space, smirking like you know an inside joke”


“Things to playfully accuse her of: being bossy, naive, predatory, suspicious, jealous, ditsy or a princess”


“No beautiful woman is ever completely single. Get over it. Accept it”


‘Those who look hungry never get fed’…too eager, texting too much, getting emotional, pedestalising, these are the Nice Guy sins”


“The perfect accusation for a girl during an approach: call her ‘little’ – little trouble maker, little princess – she loves to feel small”


“As soon as she sees you as potential boyfriend material (because you’re successful, caring, fun etc) then she’ll put the breaks on fast sex”


“Girls don’t want ‘nice.’ Show them dominance, power, adventure, drama, leadership, fun and directness. ‘Nice’ makes them queasy”


“The downside to approaching her is small (blow out/flake), the upside is infinite (date, sex, relationship, improved skill & self-esteem)”


“‘Oh wow, yeah? That’s so interesting. Really? Great, me too!’

Welcome to the beta trap of Comfort Quicksand. Comfort is your enemy”


“‘Don’t chase them, replace them.’ New leads are better than trying to save lost ones”


“Playfully ACCUSE her: it’s the ultimate frame for attraction”


“Most people in monogamous relationships feel like it’s the best they can get. If they were assured of an upgrade, they would”


“Don’t let her mixed signals confuse you. The silence and indecision is a loud decision”


“Girls love foreign men in their city because of genetic opportunity. Guys hate foreign men in their city because of genetic competition”


“A huge part of Game is taking emotional accountability away from her. It can’t be ‘her fault.’ She has to feel like it ‘just happened'”


“Who controls the frame controls the interaction. Spend less time thinking of a good answer to her frame and more time setting your own frame”


“Great ping text for Sundays…

‘Been to church to confess your sins? ;)'”


“Game is just calibrated intent”


“Beginner daygame issue: fear of the approach (‘approach anxiety’)

Intermediate daygame issue: fear of escalation (‘hiding your dick’)”


“Start with the belief that women are sexual creatures that long to be submissive”


“Familiarity kills sexual tension”


“For your first 200 cold approaches, don’t micro-manage anything. Accept the awkwardness. Bite the bullet. The success is doing them”


“Me: ‘Why did you eject?’

Student: ‘She looked at me weird’

Expect girls to seem startled when you approach them. It’s an autopilot response”


“The secret sauce of pickup is…..qualification”


“‘Swing through the opener.’ Don’t pause…go straight into Stacking. At the start YOU have to do the work, not her”


“You’re in pickup to get laid with hot girls. No need to hide behind ‘self actualisation’ or ‘personal development’ masks. Own it”


“Follow the 1/3 rule for texting:

  • Take a 3rd longer to reply to her
  • Write a 3rd less than her
  • Be a 3rd less enthusiastic than her”


“The social hook point and the sexual hook point are different. Calibration gives you the answer”


“Pickup theory is neat, tidy, general, safe.

Infield action is messy, dirty, situation dependent, uncomfortable”


“Every time she leaves you she needs to be thinking if she’ll see you again, how much you like her and if you’re seeing other girls”


“The longer you wait to be bold with her, the harder it is to get away with”


“First one’s the worst one. Jump in”

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