Beyond The Bang: Types Of Relationships


I’m in Japan talking about what happens with the girls you’ve had sex-cess with from daygame. I go over what types of open relationships are possible for a player without falling into monogamy.

3 thoughts on “Beyond The Bang: Types Of Relationships”

  1. So is it fair to say that open relationships only work at the FBs and MLTR level ? All the interviews out there of serious couples in open relationships the wife/gf is the one getting laid on the side while the guy comes across as a beta male that gets nothing. If any guys reading this can point to an alpha male guy who does this (and can prove it with photos) that would be great.

  2. Hey Tom,
    I couldn’t find any gambit for the “girlfriend” talk. The one you had was amazing but I wanted another one just in case. Thanks for the suggestions

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