Standing Up For Pickup

A PUA in 2018

It’s sad that more and more guys are shying away from calling themselves “pickup artists” and replacing the original purpose of the community with “settling down” into monogamy.

Bachelors are “reforming” into mushy “relationship strategists.” Players are becoming conservative and traditional, “doing the right thing” and sliding into idealism. Sexual adventures have been replaced by self help seminars.

Pickup artistry is about picking up girls. Sexual freedoms. Non-monogamous fun. Not moralising or shaming.

Look in the mirror and have the courage to say to yourself “I’m a pickup artist. I like having lots of casual sex with hot girls.” That’s a significant first step that was taken for granted when the community began.

5 thoughts on “Standing Up For Pickup”

  1. A much needed reminder !

    Tom is spot on when he says much of the PUA/manosphere guys are either turning conservative or going down the mainstream self help route.

    Some might think it’s because of cultural shifts but I think it’s mostly due to the fact that pickup is an extreme sport that only very few men have the psychological stamina to master.

    The only two PUAs keeping it real by being open about wanting to fuck hot girls are Tom Torero and Todd V (formerly of RSD).

    Todd also released a new video on his channel explaining why he dislikes “self help”. I know Tom also has a similar video on the topic. The two guys are very similar in their approach and attitude to dating.

    1. I couldn’t agree with Tom and Dexter more.

      As a guy of 52, I spent the first 18 years of my working life getting my ducks in row and working on myself reading and practicing from loads of self help books – and there’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself – I had a well paid career, nice cars, it bought me a place of my own, but more importantly, it made me focused and goal driven. But don’t be under the illusion that this will make you more attractive to girls in those first 5 – 10 minutes in front of a girl. And in the longer term, more than one ex girlfriend told me I was way to materialistic and didn’t care what car I drove. Another said she’d happily live with me in a cave.

      What matters is how you behave in those first few minutes in front of a new girl. That takes regular commitment and practice and if you want to choose someone to commit to in a long term relationship, you need to hit the streets to get these skills down and to be in a position of choice. That’s where the rubber truly hits the road and that’s why Tom’s advice is so effective when put into practice…on the street…in front of the girl.

      Good luck to all the day gamers out there. I’ll be looking out for you in London but as I have no doubt you are all followers of Stealth Seduction, I doubt if I’ll spot you! 😉

  2. Settling down in this anti male pro feminist western culture is a big mistake!
    There is no privilege to be a husband or faithful boyfriend.
    My life: Working hard to make money, Going out to meet women , traveling. that’s it

    1. Biology is biology, human mating behaviours have been the same for millions of years, don’t worry about “pro feminist western culture,” getting angry on the internet is a sucker’s game

  3. Hmm. Hi Tom. Interesting that you felt the need to post this. I will think about it.. Randomly changing subject though: I’ve just moved in Paddington, you seem to mention the area a lot haha – any hidden gems for Insta/Day1/date venues – I am literally next to the freakin station, what’s your TOP TWO in the area – or three in case I get bored. Cheers! Love you! (like, in a manly, non-gay way, hey!!! watch it.)

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