Daygame Datasheet Guide


I’ve been asked by a few guys on email this week about how to keep a daygame data sheet. I never thought about formalising a rulebook for such things but there’s confusion about how daygamers are tracking their results so I thought I’d explain how I do it:


  • Keep a datasheet for a solid amount of approaches. It might be for a week of daygame (30 approaches), a 5-day intensive mission (50 approaches) or a mission over a few weeks (100 approaches)


  • Keep it simple. These are the key metrics to count: number of approaches, number of contacts, number of 1st dates and number of lays. Make a note of all these tallies on your phone during the data collection. 


  • An instant blowout counts as an approach. You went up to a girl with the purpose of daygaming her and she rejected you, however quickly


  • “Contact” is a mobile number or an add to an app (WhatsApp, Line, Viber etc). An email or a Facebook add is a sub-par “contact” but can be included. I don’t count Instagram adds as a close. 


  • An instant date off of the approach is not counted as a “1st date,” just an extension of the initial pickup


  • You can further analyse the number of 2nd, 3rd, 4th dates you went on with the same girl but it doesn’t change the success of your lay count


  • A lay means p-in-v. This does not include blow jobs, hand jobs or anal (you could add a separate column for this)


  • After the datasheet has been completed you can then calculate the four key percentages: approach-to-contact, contact-to-date, date-to-lay and, most significantly of all, approach-to-lay



Health Warning

If you’re a beginner then don’t keep or stress over daygame datasheets. For the first couple of hundred approaches you’ll be getting over approach anxiety and learning the daygame model.

Don’t spam approach and just do mass volume for the sake of it. Focus on improving your daygame skills and making the approaches solid.

If you’re intermediate or advanced then just do a dataset a few times a year in your city to keep tabs on progress. I only keep them on intensive travelling daygame missions to see how different cities compare.

You’re looking for long term trends, not one off datasheets for a few sessions. The idea of such datasheets is not to make daygame a competitive sport but to improve your own results over time.

Pickup is an art, not a science, so don’t get too bogged down in it all and let it turn your playful vibe into robotic nerdiness.

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