Daygame Diaries 2010-2018

A proud stash of early contact details, 2010


Filming the Daygame Blueprint, London, 2011


A worn out pair of daygame boots, 2011


Rainy Baltics daygame with Rami, Riga, 2012


Andy, Jon, myself, Martin & Yad, London 2012


Teaching a London bootcamp with Jon Matrix, 2012


Giving a seminar in Olso, Norway 2012

The daygame house on Great Cumberland Place, 2012


Infield filming for Date Against The Machine,  2012


New York filming trip with Martin, 2013


Filming The Girlfriend Sequence seminar, London 2013


Munich bootcamp teaching with Sam Django, 2013


Filming a pilot episode for a TV dating show, London 2013


Grand Canyon trip with Dave Diggler & Jon Matrix, 2013


Behind the camera on a porn shoot with Dave Digger, Essex 2013


Meeting Barcelona daygamers, 2014


Giving a seminar in Lisbon, 2014


Filming Badass Buddha, London 2014


Chilly Prague daygame with a student, 2015


Start of the World Tour, London 2015


Getting tipsy with Alex Forrest, London 2015


Warsaw hustling with Hank Moody, 2015


Double date with Rami in Colombia, 2016


LA to Vegas drive with Craig Cassidy, 2016


Hustle On World Tour filming, Sydney 2017


Teaching in Moscow with Mystery & Beckster, 2018


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3 thoughts on “Daygame Diaries 2010-2018”

  1. Happy memories, how times flies you old bastard 😉 I did a bootcamp with you and John in Miami in 2013 and you were both great teachers. In a long-term relationship now with a Brazilian girl but I will always be grateful for that weekend. I have a photo somewhere of you getting the number off of that beach chick, I’ll try to find it, still remember her ass 😀

  2. Im in one of those photos (wont say which one!). Alot older now but still hustling like you. Seeing you in action on that training changed my beliefs of whats possible so thankyou. May you carry on for another 10 years at least!

  3. Ha, you can see the back of my glorious head in the Oslo photo. What happened to the beautiful Slovakian girl who came with you to that event? And will you do more bootcamps in Scandinavia next year? Thnxs

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