No More Disney Delusions


“Dear Tom,

Just a note to thank you for the podcasts and YouTube videos. I was finally able to take action, get infield and talk to the hot girls who were not even a part of my reality before.

I approached a Bulgarian girl at my uni and managed to fuck her last night on the 3rd date (got her in bed on the 2nd, but it seems she hadn’t shaved). Anyway, it was all that bit sweeter knowing that I hadn’t gone about it as my former chodey-self would have. I was direct and sexual from the start and it paid off. I think she gets the message that I’m not boyfriend material.

Lastly, I want to say thank you for your book recommendations. I read Professor Buss’ and Professor Dawkins’ books which have changed my worldview greatly.

I’m now able to accept reality for what it is and move on. No more of this Disney romance and delusions of the good girl next door. 

In 2019 I’m graduating and getting a job online and will be continuing to try and nail hot European girls on my travels.

I’ll keep you posted and an eye on your blog for meet-ups.

Best wishes,

Mr J”

One thought on “No More Disney Delusions”

  1. It’s definitely great to hear that more guys are going back to looking at Intersexual dynamics and PUA in the light of science and evolution instead of through puritanical ideologies and extreme politics.

    Credit to Tom for promoting rational evidence based solutions.

    By the way Tom. If you are planning on touring in Toronto in 2019 I would love to buy you a beer !

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