Winter Black Sheep Bandit Awards


The final two Black Sheep Awards were given to two cousins from the UK who wanted to travel down to London for an intensive weekend daygame mission. Here is their plan for the upcoming trip:

“My cousin Mr F and I have used the two grants given out by Tom to book return tickets from Herefordshire to London next weekend including two nights in a hotel for each of us. It’s a big deal for us as our financial situations are not great because of recent family circumstances. 

I am 36 years old and Mr F is 27. He is new to daygame but I did a bootcamp with Tom and Yad way back in 2012. Since then I’ve not done as much in the field as I’d like because of health reasons and having a girlfriend for 4 years. 

We will arrive in London on the 14th December in the evening and check in to our hotel in Paddington. The first aim is to go out for some evening street game in the touristy areas and get my cousin into some basic approaching. I have already shown him Tom’s old “Date Against The Machine” guide so he knows the Daygame Blueprint. 

Saturday 15th will be the big day of 20 approaches each. We will be recording them as audios on our phones. This will take the whole day from 9am to 6pm. Tom has kindly agreed to meet us in the evening to listen to our recordings and give us feedback to prepare for Sunday. 

Saturday night we might have dates fingers crossed! Or it will be some more gutter game if we have energy. Or it will be early to bed ready for Sunday.

Sunday we will go to try some shopping centre daygame in one of the big Westfield malls because I want to get used to opening girls in this environment. We will do 10-15 approaches each before getting the train back to Hereford in the evening.

At least 30 approaches for Mr F and I over the weekend. Wish us luck!” 

One thought on “Winter Black Sheep Bandit Awards”

  1. Good lads and good luck!

    It’s such a good idea to record your interactions. So often a session is all such a blur, it’s difficult to recall details. It helps me with call back humour when texting and many a time I’ve even neglected to save the girl’s name when taking the number – such a school boy error I know!

    Hope you enjoy the delights of London 😉

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