Winter Black Sheep Award Summary


One of the last Black Sheep Award summaries of 2018 from Mr N (36 years old) and his cousin Mr F (27 years old). They spent last weekend doing a daygame immersion in London battling the rain and Christmas shopping crowds. This is what happened:

“Back in Herefordshire sitting in my office writing this. It was a mad trip to London for me and Mr F which all seems pretty surreal now that normal life has resumed.

We got to Paddington on Friday evening and headed down to Oxford Street after dropping are bags at the hotel by the station. Even though it was after 8pm the crowds were crazy, more people than in the whole of Hereford! My cousin was feeling the pressure so we just did some social warm ups in Primark and Selfridges. He did 4 Hit & Runs and I did 5. With one shop assistant from Iran I managed to keep it going and add her on my Instagram. 

From there we walked down to Carnaby Street and Leicester Square with our umbrellas.  I did 2 moving girls along the way (blow outs) and got my cousin to wing me by the Christmas market in the square on two Danish girls. The vibe was fun and Mr F was seeing the power of throwing in spikes instead of comfort. They said they were meeting friends but just for a laugh I invited them to Paddington later and they said maybe. I got one of their Whatsapps so that was real close #1!

At around 10.30pm we called it a night and got the tube back to our hotel (the Danish girl hadn’t replied). 

Saturday’s weather was showers and then heavy rain so it was an umbrella and shop day. Mr F was very nervous so he did 8 more Hit & Run compliments before lunch in Zara, Topshop, Primark and Foyles book shop. I did 8 approaches. 6 of them on the street (3 blow outs, 2 quick ones and one Facebook off a Korean girl). In the afternoon we went to Covent Garden but because of the rain everyone was hiding inside the market. I got another Whatsapp from a Scottish girl after 5 rejections. My cousin got his first Instagram close off a Spanish girl who was waiting for her mum by the underground. He first walked off after the compliment but I made him go back and close! 

After a quick pizza we met up with Tom quickly just before his evening date with a Czech nanny. He had done his new seminar in the Hippodrome but still went over our stats with us outside the casino until his date arrived. It was funny as he introduced us to her as his ‘bodyguards’ which she laughed at. We left them to it as he went off with her.

In the evening the weather was really shitty but we had a lot of energy so we went back inside shops. All the way down Oxford Street with umbrellas in and out of the stores. The best was Selfridges (Tom was right about the shoe section!). I did 4 more approaches. 2 on shop assistants and two girls looking at shoes. The vibe was good for all of them but I only managed a half close on the last one, giving her my Facebook. Weak sauce I know but good practice. Mr F only managed 3 more Hit & Run compliments before his energy crashed. 

Early on Sunday morning we had a coffee with Tom by the Hippodrome again. He listened to two phone recordings from each of us and said we had similar sticking points…

  • Talking way to quickly
  • Being too polite and not ‘busting her balls’ as he said
  • Missing the topic she was giving and asking questions
  • Walking off without trying to close

Even though he had a hangover Tom did a demo on a girl sitting by the window near our table so we could hear. She was a bit cold at the start but then she was laughing and touching her hair a lot. The main thing I noticed was how long he was in the set for compared to us and how relaxed they both were. 

After that Tom went to Camden and we took his advice going to the Stratford Westfield rather than the Shepherds Bush one. It was further than I thought but really really busy. Mr F got his first real number off the first girl he spoke to before we’d even got inside. It was fast but he was grinning like a cat! I did 8 in total (with a coffee break in the middle) and Mr F did 6. I got 1 more number and Mr F got one more Instagram. 

We wanted to be outside because the mall was high pressure so we went back to Oxford Street (Marble Arch end) and I did 4 more street ones. Mr F did his first front stop by Pizza Hut! 

After 5pm we went back to Paddington to pick up our bags and get our train. These were our statistics at the end of the trip:

* ME: 38 opens (including Hit & Runs), 6 contacts

* MR F: 21 opens (including Hit & Runs), 2 contacts

That might not sound good to regular daygamers but for me and my cousin we were chuffed to bits. Mr F had glimpsed success and seen that daygame actually worked on girls much better than he was matching on Tinder. It was humbling as we realised we have a long long way to go with our technique but definitely the start of a mad adventure for next year. Thanks to Tom for the award and meeting up with us. A real gent. And thanks to the daygamers we met in Topshop who we are going to wing with in Birmingham in January”

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