Black Sheep Award: Ukraine Summary

The final Black Sheep Award mission summary sent in by Mr J, a daygamer from the Netherlands who headed out to Ukraine for some Slavic Street Hustling using the grant money for flights/accommodation: 


Day 1 – Lviv – Approaches: 0 // Numbers: 0

I arrived in Lviv after a 4 hour flight. Outside the airport, I saw a bus waiting and asked the driver if it went to the but the poor man didn’t understand a word of English. This would prove to be a common issue throughout the trip.

Eventually, I got the right bus to the city which cost a whopping 15 cents. As the bus trudged along closer to the centre, the sights around me made me feel like I was coming straight out of a Soviet-era movie. Old square cars, buildings without paint, and babushkas everywhere.

“Where were the amazing quality women?” I thought to myself in the below freezing weather.

I made my way to the hostel where I would stay for the next 2 days. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a bubbly and busty 20-year-old, Olga. She was a local studying in one of the universities in this student city. Hungry, and a little disorientated from the journey, I played the usual niceties mixed in with non-verbal flirtation. Strong eye contact, a cheeky smirk, and a low, slow voice. She said she was hosting a walking drink tour of the Old Town in an hour, and told me to come along. I agreed.

I didn’t expect much of this interaction, but would be proved otherwise in the coming days.

After dumping my stuff in my locker, I headed out for lunch. I stumbled across a 5-star restaurant just a couple of meters from my hostel and had a hearty meal for about 15 Euros. I joined the walking tour soon after. There was not much to it, but I did notice some light touches on her part – which I thought were just friendly.

Well that’s that? I wondered. I went back in the cold to look for cigarettes and also to get a feel of the city and the women. I found it hard to differentiate which were the hotties and which were not because they were all wrapped up to keep warm.

Tired and thirsty, I decided to chill out that and have a beer at Pravda beer Theater – a multi-storey bar which plays live jazz music daily. As I was bobbing my head to the jazz, a lone girl waiting near the entrance caught my eye. I should approach her, I thought. A couple of moments later, she approached me.

Surprise surprise, it was Olga waiting for a friend to go to an invite-only party in the same building. We chatted for a while about superficial stuff, but I sensed a slight underlying sexual vibe. Her friend arrived and Olga introduced us. I flirted a little more with both of them and they both went on their way.

I went to another place to get dinner, went back to my hostel and crashed. So far, so good.


Day 2 – Lviv – Approaches: 12 // Numbers: 2

The next morning, I woke up bright and early and hit the streets. 12 approaches in 2 hours. Most of them were blowouts as I was still uncalibrated to this new environment. The blowout ratio would decrease dramatically over the next days just by calibration and a couple of tweaks. “Sorry… no English,” was a big one for me. I had to remind myself to stop them strong with a full front stop, unlike a side front stop which I could get away with in the Netherlands.

 Other notes were to talk REALLY slowly, as if I were talking to a 3-year-old baby. Nice cheeky smirk and Tiger Eyes, and the girls always knew what was up. I got 2 numbers but they were flakes. No problem, that’s to be expected for daygame in a foreign city.

That day was the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor genocide of Ukraine, carried out in the former USSR. I stood at a vigil as a local (man) came up to me and told me about the history behind it. 10-12million Ukrainians died in that genocide. These people here did not have an easy past.

I went back to the hostel for “movie night” the hostel was hosting. It turns out it would be only the hostel receptionist from the night before, and I, that would be watching the movie. Over time, more people started trailing in to the common room as we had some beers over the classic Pulp Fiction. After the movie, I asked if the she wanted to grab a slice of pizza as her shift was over. Over the pizza, I asked her out for drinks some other time – as a man to woman. She agreed and we exchanged Instagrams.

I went back up to the hostel and proceeded to get absolutely wasted with a couple of cool dudes. We went gallivanting in the old town at 5am, completely wasted and explored random Soviet-era buildings and climbed onto the roofs of some in the chilly Ukrainian night air.


Day 3 – Lviv – Approaches: 12 // Numbers: 4 

I woke up the following morning with one of the worst hangovers I had in a long time. Probably should not have drank that much. It was my last day at the hostel so I packed all my stuff in my bag and checked into my Airbnb, 100m away from the hostel.

In my massively hungover state, I had a delicious Georgian meal, splashed some cold water on my face and got out to the square to do my approaches. A couple of more number closes this time. I was getting calibrated. Rynok square, the center of the Old Town, is an amazing place for game. It has a chilled-out vibe with buskers playing at every corner and people walking around leisurely, soaking in the atmosphere. I can imagine how lovely this place would be in the summer.

Over dinner, I set up dates for the coming days with the contacts that I had gathered and sat alone over dinner with a warm soupy meal and a beer. As I sat there, I pondered about how I ended up in this part of the world and what the hell I was doing here.


Day 4 – Lviv – Approaches: 8 // Numbers: 3  

Today was uneventful. I had a phone interview which I spent half the day preparing for and ended things with a long-term girl I was seeing back home. That always stings but regardless, I got out and did my approaches to get out of my head.


Day 5 – Lviv – Approaches: 9 // Numbers: 5 

I realised that throughout my time in Lviv I never actually did any of the tourist attractions so I decided to climb the City Hall tower in the middle of Rynok square. At the top, I was greeted by sweeping views across Lviv. There was light snowfall the night before and as the evening sun set, the city looked like something out of a postcard. In my opinion, Lviv is the most aesthetically beautiful city in Europe that I’ve been to.

At the top of the tower I asked a group of girls to help me take a photo and proceeded to flirt with the group. It didn’t go anywhere but it was good warm up for the daygame that I was going to do after. I found that my approach to number ratio was getting better with each passing day.

“You have big eyes. Like a cat.” This Torero line worked very well and hooked almost all the time.

I realised why gaming foreign girls are “harder”. It was because you had to get your point across, hook and seduce them all in a simplified manner. It didn’t matter what you said if she couldn’t understand you.

That night, I had a date with a local radio DJ host. 2 drinks, 2 venues. She was constantly testing my frame and I had to go to the toilet a couple of times to refresh my memory with Tom’s date summary guide in the Stealth Seduction handbook (thanks, Tom). It wasn’t going anywhere but I still tried to kiss close. It was a hard no, as I expected. We parted ways and never saw each other again. In retrospect this date really sharpened my game – I had to pull out all the guns and which would prove to be useful in the following dates.


Day 6 – Lviv – Approaches: 8 // Numbers: 6

As I knew my time in Lviv was nearing an end, I got lazy with the approaches and only approached girls I found to be incredibly hot or those who gave me a cheeky smile. I found out that many of them were looking at me in a (sexually?) curious way. Perhaps that’s because they’ve never seen a tall, good looking Asian guy before. That certainly worked in my favour with the approaches.

In the evening, I met the hostel girl, Olga. I planned to get a beer but she immediately wanted to control the frame and insisted we have a coffee instead because she had to study for exams. I tried my best to be non-reactive and suggested we get a coffee instead. I bounced her to shots bar nearby to do chocolate shots. She agreed. There, I steered the conversation to more sexual tone by talking about her/my past relationships, and the whole “Men and women can’t be friends” spiel.

Impressing her with my choice of bars was completely out of the picture because she hosts pub crawls and basically knows every bar in Lviv. I then suggested we bounce to my favourite Pravda beer theatre, where I escalated physically with a cheesy eye contact game. I knew from reference experience that I’ve got her hooked. However she did have a genuine appointment soon after so I scheduled to meet her following night.


Day 7 – Lviv – Approaches: 0 // Numbers: 0

It was my last day in Lviv, or so I thought. My flight proved to be 2 days after. Because I thought it was my last day, I didn’t do any approaches. Instead, I got a nice hipster haircut and took a little hike up the hill overlooking Lviv. Stunning as expected although my daygame boots were not suited for the melted snow/icy environment.

Olga and I met again at 8pm after she finished her shift at the hostel. This time, she came in a nice dress and stockings. Green light. I led her to a street with a couple of bars near my Airbnb and casually pointed out my Airbnb when we passed by it. We settled on a cozy bar just 10 meters from my Airbnb. Here, the process goes the same way again. The conversation went from normal to sexual and I noticed her thigh touching mine, not pulling away (Torero Floppy Test). Another green light. About 45 minutes into our date, she was the one who pulled the trigger and said “I only have an hour, let’s have fun at yours.”

Wow, that was easy, I thought. Things got hot and heavy fast and she said she’s never been with an Asian guy before. I just grinned and proceeded to finger her. However, I jerked off the night before and had troubles getting hard enough for penetration. Eventually, we did have sex but it was short lived. I could sense her disappointment in my sexual performance. It was a weird feeling for me. I had never felt like I still had to chase a girl after having sex with her. A big part of me wanted to prove that I was capable of fucking better. I got her an Uber and that was that.

Before I could even wash her scent off me, I decided to go to club Malevich to meet a local self-proclaimed model with her friends at the club. After partying in Berlin/Amsterdam, I have to say this was one of the most horrible clubs I’ve been to. There was a line of guys (mostly Turkish) just standing at the bar trying to look cool. I got a beer and went around the club looking for my daygame lead and her friends. Eventually I found them but she was completely wasted. We danced together for a while and I tried to escalate but her friends put her in a cab and they soon disappeared as well soon after. Ah well, a man can try.


Day 8 – Lviv – Approaches: 0 // Numbers: 0

Day 8 was my official last day in Lviv as I miscalculated the number of days I was staying here. I tried to get some more leads out but at this point I couldn’t be fucked anymore as they were either low quality, playing games or not responsive. I treated myself to excellent Galatian food, did some more job application work, and prepared for my flight to Kiev the following day.


Day 9 – Kiev – Approaches: 0 // Numbers: 0

My flight was delayed due to snowy conditions in Kiev. I arrived late in the night and the only restaurant opened was a fine dining Georgian restaurant near my Airbnb. It was there were I had one of the best meals of my time in Europe. 30 Euros for an absolute feast.

During my 9 days here, I was getting used to saying “Just me” at restaurants. I found the solitude with my thoughts which I found to be a much-needed respite. I dragged my feet carefully through the slippery, semi frozen pavement and planned my itinerary for the next 4 nights in this bleak city. I realised my mood was really down and figured that it was from a combination of factors. Lack of sunlight, the cold, lack of exercise, and perhaps a lack of (good) sex.


Day 10 – Kiev – Approaches: 20 // Numbers: 1

I woke up bright and early and got my ass down to Ocean Plaza mall, where I was pleasantly surprised by the volume of people. I smoked a cigarette and proceeded to spend the next 4 hours in the mall doing daygame.

It was one of the most brutal sessions I had in my life. 20 approaches, 1 number close. There was a stark contrast to how the girls in Kiev responded compared to the girls in Lviv. Lviv girls were more curious and easier to hook. The girls in Kiev are typical of a big Eastern European city. You have to work hard for it. I found many hidden layers yet to be explored in this city of beauties. That night I met with two local guys I had met in a hostel in Berlin last year. We had beers, pork knuckle and talked about the political situation in Ukraine and the relatively recent 2014 Ukrainian revolution which I found to be extremely interesting.


Day 10 – Kiev – Approaches: 12 // Numbers: 4

Today I decided to go to Gulliver mall instead. I preferred the environment there for game and did most of my approaches in the supermarket below. Girls were a little more on the upper-middle class side and spoke more English. It was there where I met Mr N, a local daygame coach. He’s 33 and has been doing game for 7 years, mostly in this mall. He came across as a “man child” sort of guy and was completely free from outcome. I guess that works. I left that experience thinking that regional calibration could affect results in a massive way, rather than just the icing on top of the cake, as I had previously thought.


Day 11/12 – Kiev – Approaches: 5 // Numbers: 2

My last two days in Kiev were uneventful. Most numbers I got turned out to be flakes, except for one strong lead. She was a 19-year-old university student and still a virgin as I found out later. Her English was extremely poor and we had to use Google Translate to communicate most of the time. I had a glass of wine with her at a bar near my apartment and she left shortly after because she had to study for exams.

I arranged a Day 3 on the following day, where we had a beer at a nearby bar and I brought her back to my apartment to watch “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. I am so sick of this movie I can’t even describe it. But it works well. We started making out and she said “Only kissing, yes?”. I could only smile and roll off. My further attempts at escalation did not fly with her so I put her in an Uber and cooked a big pasta meal for myself to wrap up the Ukrainian trip.



Overall, I felt that I achieved the goals I set out to achieve. I was exposed to an abundance of hot women, which I got quickly desensitised to. Back home, I place the girls on a lower ranking in my head because I know the quality of women that is out there.

I was forced to step up my non-verbal game due to the language barrier and tried my best to add more clarity and tone into my voice.


Lviv stats:

50 approaches // 20 numbers // Met 3 girls // 1 lay

Kiev stats:

37 approaches // 7 numbers // Met 1 girl // 1 make out

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  1. A for effort.

    And him not getting an erection because of jerking off *the day before* could imply a problem w/ testosterone levels; fixable by wise choices in lifestyle.

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