Unfinished Business (Tom Torero Lay Report)

This lay was right down to the wire, on the penultimate night of 2018 here in the Baltics with a girl I opened way back in early April on my chilly van tour. From open to close was a roller-coaster of a ride with all my seduction toolkit used on three dates over an eight month timespan.

It began with an approach on a petite pixie-like girl scurrying through the tunnel outside the train station in Riga, wrapped up against the cold. This was my final approach of the Latvian mission before I was due to drive northwards to Estonia. She’d given me the briefest of IOIs as she hurried past me with her headphones in.

The opening message was callback humour to my accusation about what she was listening to…


I was willing to stay a couple more days to get a notch with her but her suggestion of lunch wasn’t promising. Because of my hopes of heading North I didn’t have another option so I agreed, planning to do the donkey work of comfort-building and some light escalation over food and then somehow getting her out in the evening to seal the deal.


Despite usually avoiding lunchtime dates, it went surprisingly well. We sat at right-angles to each other munching burgers and fries (very sophisticated) as I ran the usual first part of the date model. It all felt very on.

She was bright, witty and sassy which I was enjoying as well as her blonde pixie-like looks. However her high IQ and feminist leanings meant her frame was overly dominant, as I was to discover more and more over the coming months. She was 25 years old but had been married when she was 20 for two years which also gave her a cynicism towards men after her ex-husband cheated on her.

Whilst in Estonia we carried on pinging. I tried to make tentative plans for a second proper date in the van when she was coming to an Estonian town to see family:


She was as good at pinging (then photo pinging) as me and things seemed to be escalating nicely:


What could go wrong? I’d seeded the “cooking” session together for our next meeting, we were both escalating with our pings and I was hinting at sexual themes without being too direct:


The problem with long game over weeks and months is that inevitably you’ll be too horny one night and overstep the mark with escalation. In the moment it seems like a good idea (and she might well play along) but only in hindsight do you realise you were too much of a horn-dog which can raise her ASD and LMR down the line:


Even though it might seem like a good idea to escalate like this over text, in retrospect you often realise it was Beta Bait she was using to see how sexually needy a guy is.

For the next few weeks she was hard to see, constantly “busy” and cancelling our tentative plans. I was already out of the Baltics heading South on my van tour around the Czech Republic and Slovakia but we finally managed to meet up in Vienna for our second date before my trip to Moscow.

It seemed like a done deal. She’d made the effort to travel to see me. She knew about the dirty van. We’d done all that escalating over text.

However it was not to be. The date was hot-and-heavy with an easy bounce from a wine bar back to the van after strolling around the sweltering city but she cock-blocked herself right at the last minute and saying things were too fast. I was left blue balled after doing the Royal Flush and her checking into a hostel and flying home the next day.


You can see that I didn’t reply to her first message and how that caused her to write again the following day. My response about the weed was a reference to the fact that on the date we’d try to get hold of some as she said it made her horny.

During my time in Moscow we resumed pinging even though the second date experience had been such a mess. Both of us had invested too much by this point to want to burn it to the ground completely:


However after May I was coming to the end of the van tour in Ukraine and then away in Croatia. Our pinging fizzled out as I got back to the UK and headed off to South America. I guessed that she’d got into some kind of serious relationship.

Only in October did she come back to life. I was in Moscow but pinged her a recent picture from Lithuania to test the waters to see if she was up for meeting on the way back from Russia:


Behold the Secret Society – she said she was “exclusive” with a guy whilst pinging me, the scruffy nomadic seducer. I played along and used some pre-selection/jealousy to stoke the fires:


The jealousy plotline worked and she resumed pinging over the next few weeks. She wanted to meet up again when I was next in the Baltics after Japan but this time she was trying to save face by framing things as a “friendly” catch-up. I didn’t take the bait:


As you can see I Agreed-&-Amplified, not hiding my dick but refusing the Friend Zone framing:


Things went quiet again when I was in Japan and then back in Russia for the start of December. Only a week ago she resumed pinging telling me that she was free from work and had no plans for the end of the year until moving to Estonia to be back with her family on New Year’s Eve.

I bit the bullet and got a budget flight over here for two days. It was a risk but I knew I had other girls here (two I’d banged in April) and I could always hit the streets if the worst came to the worst.

Last night we met up in a cafe/bar near my accommodation. She was running late and so I got her to come to me:


She was up to her old tricks again, trying to hold onto the frame by getting me to meet her outside her work. Again I didn’t take the bait:


She finally turned up looking beautiful – dress, winter boots, sparkling blue eyes, her blonde hair longer since Spring. With her she had a packed rucksack which she told me was for her trip to Estonia in the morning.

“I’ll have to leave yours around 7am if that’s ok” she said as she sat down with the local beers she’d bought from the bar. And with that I knew the notch was a done deal.

A couple of craft beers in that venue. Hugging on the sofa whilst “Gimme Some Lovin’” by the Spencer Davis Group blasted out from the bar, a tune that I’d been playing a lot on the van tour this year.

A brisk chilly walk back to my place around the corner. Heavy make out in the hallway before we’d even got our shoes off. Undressing in the kitchen. Grinding on the sofa and then picking her up with the laptop and giving her a long-awaited rogering on the bed.

A few minutes into the sweet love making I suddenly felt like I was going to vomit. Flashing in my eyes, a gut-wrenching pain in my stomach – I pulled out, dashed to the balcony and gulped in the frozen night air. Half an hour later she was in the bathroom saying she also felt nauseous. The local homebrews were coming back up to haunt us.

The night was spent taking it in turns to go to the bathroom trying to keep the contents of our stomachs down. All very romantic. The silver lining of the story is that before she left for her early morning bus we were feeling better, had a shower and then one last horny bang to finish 2018 with.

And with that she was gone, I went back to bed and the year faded out.

4 thoughts on “Unfinished Business (Tom Torero Lay Report)”

  1. Just found your blog Tom. Love the amount of clear concise actionable stuff. Can tell you were a teacher. Transparent and practical. I’m hooked! Happy New Year from Montreal!

  2. I met Tom today in Riga coincidentially. He didnt know anything about me and my history in game of course, so I felt a bit mentored haha, but we had a pleasant chat. I can tell he lives and breathes daygame.

  3. I’ve know a Russian girl similar to this. Long game. Constant frame battles. Two dates now (1st an instant date from street set in March 18 ) the 2nd months apart in Dec 18, (again in my home city)
    Heavy investment both sides. She kept refusing to let it go sexual. Royal Flush on 2nd date in my apartment. Blue Balls. Continuing pings since then. But now really laying down the : “You know what I want, you have to decide if you want it too, because I don’t need a text buddy frame”. Min investment texting. Push aways.

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