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New Year, new adventures, new girls await. Time to step out from behind the keyboard and turn theory into action. Less talk, more walk.

An easy way to do that is to set yourself an immersive daygame challenge. For many years I’ve been encouraging guys to go on “10/10” infield missions: 10 days of 10 approaches a day. This is enough to get the ball rolling, knock the approach anxiety on the head (temporarily) and gather enough leads to see the daygame funnel at work (leads = dates = lays).

How do you plan such a 10/10 daygame mission? Where should you go to do it? What about logistics? How do you get the most out of such a challenge? I’ll go through all these questions and more below to get you out there infield.


Where To Go

Do the immersion in your own city if the population and foot traffic is high enough for 100 approaches over 10 days. Cities over 1 million people with big student / tourist numbers are ideal but I’ve done daygame missions in smaller cities like Tallinn (426,000), Vancouver (631,000) and Oslo (634,000).

Don’t just follow the herd of other daygamers. Choose a city where you like the look of the girls. Go exploring alternative cities to the usual hubs. Use your imagination, don’t be a lemming.


When To Go

Spring (late March – early June) and Autumn (early September – late November) in the Northern Hemisphere are ideal when university students are there and the temperatures are neither too cold or hot.

Avoid top summer (July/August) when students are gone and the streets are sizzling. Also take care to avoid Easter / Christmas holidays when cities can be ghost towns (except big hubs like London and New York).


Where To Approach

Use Google Maps to do some research before you go. Find the high foot traffic areas. Locate the universities, malls, shopping streets and parks.

Don’t just daygame on the streets. Get into shopping centres, cafes, stations and tunnels. It will stretch your skills and give you a lot more targets.

This video covers the daygame groundwork you’ll need:


Where To Stay

If you’re short on cash, get a cheap hostel bed in a dorm room right in the city centre for half of the mission while you’re number farming. For the last few days you can get a private room in a house or an entire apartment using AirBnB.

Your accommodation doesn’t need to be by the daygame area but it does need to have cafes, bars and a metro station within a 10-15 minute walk for date logistics.

Watch this video from the 47 minute mark where I take you infield on a Prague daygame mission and show you the logistics:


Solo Or With A Wing

If you’re new to daygame and travel and your approach anxiety is high then consider going with a wing. Make sure they are positive action takers rather than vibe vampires. A wing will save you money on accommodation and help with the roller-coaster ride of emotions that a mission entails.

A real daygame mission should be done solo to toughen you up. Arriving in a city you don’t know and pushing yourself to do 10 approaches for 10 days is like a military operation. You’re making something out of nothing with just the shirt on your back and a big pair of balls.

In this video I go over how to structure a mission to avoid loneliness:



Get your date venues sorted (Venue One being a bar / coffee shop 15 minutes from your door and Venue Two being a wine / cocktail bar 5 minutes from your door). Know what time they open and close. Check seating. No excuses. Fucked up logistics is your fault.

Know where cash machines are. Where a taxi rank is (if you need it). Have internet on your phone (buy a new SIM card if abroad). Make sure you’ve got Google Translate and Uber ready to go.

Sort your apartment / room out: low lighting, a laptop with films and music, bounceback alcohol (rose/white wine ideal for girls), condoms.


Structure Of The Mission

It’s what it says on the tin: 10 days, 10 approaches per day, so 100 over the whole mission. No Tinder, no night clubs, no excuses. Get them done. I usually do my 10 approaches in a 2-hour session to avoid being stuck in my head and coming up with reasons not to approach.

Treat it like a cold calling sales funnel. You’re gathering leads, seeing which ones convert to dates and then seeing which ones end in a close. Take your ego out of it as much as you can so you don’t focus on any one particular lead. Trust the process.

I get my daily approaches done in the morning or early afternoon. Some daygamers wait until 5pm when footfall is higher if the city is small. That means I’ve got lots of free time to get work done and go on dates in the evening.

Keep a daygame data sheet for the mission so there’s accountability. Record your street interactions with a dictaphone if you’re still learning the basics or wanting to improve your conversion rates.


Your Mission Is Your Mirror

Take feedback from the field. At the end of the mission look at your data and reflect on the interactions and dates you had. Listen back to the infields. What were your strengths and weaknesses? What will you change going forwards?

As hard as it is to separate your emotions from the underlying process, it is vital to zoom out and take stock at the end of the mission. Just doing another 100 approaches won’t improve your daygame or dating.


Extra Resources

If you’re planning a London daygame mission then explore all the key infield areas here.

If you’re planning a New York City daygame mission then find the infield areas here. Watch me hitting the streets of NYC infield here.

For a complete guide to daygame in the Former Soviet Union then read my book Cold Calling which has logistical details (including maps) for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland & Moldova.

If you’re planning a Russian daygame mission in particular then listen to this podcast. 

If you’re planning a Japanese daygame mission then listen to this podcast.

To read lay reports from my global daygame missions then check out my books Torero Travels and Below The Belt. 

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  1. Happy 2019 Tom and a big thanks for this. No more mind wank as you say, this is the year of getting stuck in 😀

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