10/10: Harem Hustle


And so it begins. My new infield daygame project for 2019 is kicking off in less than a week’s time…


2019 is my 10th year in Game. There are 10 months left until my 40th birthday. I’m going to be going on 10 daygame missions, one each month (10 days, 10 approaches a day).

Originally I planned to do each of the 10 missions in a different global city but I’ve recently been issued a 1-year Russian visa which means I can complete the mission in my favourite place for girls on Earth.

I’ll be spending 10 days each month there doing infield daygame. So 100 days of Game this year with 1000 cold approaches. No more, no less.

The aim? To build a solid harem of beautiful girls in time to celebrate my 40th birthday. This will cover:

  • Lead generation using only daygame cold approach pickupΒ 
  • Lead conversion from text to date to lay
  • Lead retention using non-monogamous relationships

In this week’s podcast I’ll be going into lots more detail about the project. Let me know if you’ve got questions about it and I’ll answer them in the episode.

10 thoughts on “10/10: Harem Hustle”

  1. Inspirational. Boss level. Will it be a free documentary like your last one? I’m up for paying if the infields are as impressive as Stealth Seduction. When do you hope to have it out by?

    1. By late 2019 / early 2020. Undecided about charing for it yet, let’s see how much of a ball ache it is πŸ˜‰

  2. Kicking the haters and doubters in the teeth with more infields haha. Nice one Tom I’m also gonna try to do 1000 approaches this year (I did 700 last year). I’m moving to a bigger city in March so it will make things easier. A couple of questions about your project. How do you tell girls things are non monogamous? And what happens if you fall in love???!

    1. Having abundance and multiple sources of affection (oxytocin) stops the neediness and Oneitis. Girls should know you’re daygaming in lover mode from the moment you stop her.

  3. I’ve been told by wings that Moscow is one of the hardest cities in the world for daygame. Should a beginner try it if his frame is not so solid? Where would be a better location for learning? (I’m 34 and from Sweden).

    1. Learn the skill set in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo etc then if you want to try Russian girls head to Tallinn, Riga or Prague. Once your frame is solid and you’ve got decent daygame then head to Russia πŸ˜€

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