First Same Day Lay (Reader Lay Report)


“Dear Tom,

Finally I find the time to write you. Wanted to do that for a while.

My name is Mr T, 32, from XXXX, Germany.

I can say that I listened to almost every podcast of yours on the train to work, watched plenty of YouTube and just finished reading Cold Calling and Below The Belt, now halfway through Daygame. All was so interesting and useful for me, I implemented a couple of things and it was like a gate to a new world. Thank you for that!

I feel connected to you in some way, having also dealt with bullying and very low self esteem during childhood plus loving traveling and Slavic girls. My dream is to work remotely and that’s why I decided to quit my flat for end of March to go on a “mission”.

The problem is that many times in my life I wasn’t prepared enough and too naive for certain situations. But I said to myself, if I don’t try, I will never find out if I am capable of that. I got a couple of ideas like teaching German online (with no experience and no good knowledge of grammar), having a travel blog, doing something connected with gym as I’m into that or doing some part time work in hostels.

That’s probably crazy, but I just can’t stand it anymore, having a boring average office job, waking up everyday at 6 and be in traffic and all that for the next 30 years. I want to stay in cheap countries in Eastern Europe and Asia and find a way to get just enough money.

I expect it will be hard for me to travel just with a bag pack like you as I always take many things, but it is really less hassle. Just afraid of different weather periods in different countries, so you need like a small base in central Europe I assume. A lot of text, I know, but do you have any advice for me in my situation?

[Watch Flowmad Part I & II on my Youtube channel – TT]

I didn’t do much daygame to be honest until now. I was a virgin until mid 20s and in late July this year split up with a Russian girlfriend after almost 3 years because my head was messed up with the idea that there is this ‘Secret Society’ out there. I was bored in this relationship since minimum the beginning of last year.

Since then I managed to bang 12 new girls which I am really proud of, but I have to admit that they mostly come from online game (no Tinder but Facebook, CouchSurfing etc. It just worked really well for me). Funny enough, none of them was German. Mostly Slavic and around 24.

Anyway it’s my goal for this year to really get more cold approach done. I know you hear this a lot, but a recent story told me how amazing it can be. Totally understand what you think about online pickup as you can’t make the same impression as personally on the street and you know that dozens of guys write to her the same time the same boring shit.

I met the first time with some wings from an online pickup forum. We went on the shopping street of XXXX to see whats going on. I didn’t know the guys, so I had an excuse for my AA to just see how they do it. A couple of approaches done by them, with no outcome though. At one point they opened a two set together, leaving me on the side. I waited for about 3 minutes for them and then said to myself “fuck it”. I won’t be just a follower and it’s not that complicated.

I walked down to the river side and spotted an Asian girl standing on the bridge taking a selfie. I did my standard indirect opener asking her if I can take a photo for her. Found out she was Japanese, of course quite shy and with limited English which made the flirtation difficult and conversation a bit awkward.

I asked too many questions, but in the end she agreed to go with me to the Christmas market in order to try some mulled wine. After a bit of alcohol she opened up more and invested in the conversation. She was a solo traveler only in XXXX for a night and then heading to Cologne. Immediately I had the SDL on my mind. I teased her about looking for a German husband to present to her family back home.

After some light physical escalation and deep eyes I went for the kiss and after a few second she really liked it. When I pulled away she seemed a bit embarrassed (I guess it’s a cultural thing about kissing in public). I suggested a little stroll where she asked where I live. I said it’s about 20min by train (when in fact it’s 30min) and offered to cook something as we both didn’t eat and maybe watch some movie with subtitles.

After a little bit of hesitation from her side, I promised to get her back to her hotel and she agreed. It was only around 7pm by then. At home it was all quite easy. She was still shy, but I started to make out with her in the kitchen while she cooked rice. The light in the room was disturbing her, so I took her by the hand into the dark bedroom.

During undressing she giggled and covered her boobs feeling again a bit embarrassed, but there wasn’t really LMR. She was my first Asian and finally I know the strange moans they do (I liked it). Her whole body was shaking after round one and she couldn’t get enough, wanted it again and again.

I let her sleep over as it got really late. She was so overly polite and asked if she can get a t-shirt, if she is allowed to take a shower and so on, true Asian way. Next day I took her to the hotel and said goodbye. Later she texted me that thanks to me she had a magical trip and she was so grateful for it. It felt amazing and I still couldn’t believe it.”

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