Brazilian Bang Mission (Reader Field Report)


“Hey Tom, I’ll just call myself Rocketman.

I’m a 34 year old Brazilian. I’m writing this field report as a way to thank you for the inspiration you provide me through your podcasts.

During this New Year’s holiday season I booked a trip to a mid-size city in the heart of Brazil. I got inspired by your van trip experiences and by the Christmas magic and thought to myself, why not to use this as an opportunity for a daygame mission?? Although I’ve been into daygame for 3 years I had never tried something like it.

I decided to dedicate 2 days to approach 10 women per day dedicating 4 to 5 hours a day to it. Here is what I got:


Approaches: 20

1 at the airport

7 at the park

11 in a shopping mall

1 at the supermarket

Numbers acquired: 8

4 at the park

3 in the shopping mall

1 at the supermarket

Number responses: 4

1 – shopping mall

2 – park

1 – supermarket


On day 3, I got the 1st girl from the mall on a date and we made out – even though her sister was there sitting next to her !! ; )

Lessons learned:

1-    I thought it would be extremely difficult to approach 10 girls in a row. It was actually not that difficult once you are committed. The hardest part was to establish a strong bond and get results out of it.

2-    Now, by analysing the numbers, It looks like hitting multiple venues (on day one) generated more numbers than focusing on one or two (on day 2). Don’t know if this is random or anything more scientific.

Overall, I thought it was a great experience. I’ll definitely try shorter missions during weekends here in XXXXXX. I’ve always daygamed with scattered approaches what only led me to a hand full of lays from daygame. Maybe the intensity of missions can bump my stats.

And if I could ask for a piece of advice, what would you suggest to improve my connection with the girl during the approach and escalate faster to get same day lays? (I think I’m still playing too much comfort game).

[Don’t worry about that at the moment. Work on solid daygame – attraction, real hook point, some grounding – and getting her out on a date to verbally and physically escalate. Forget fast escalation and SDLs for now. The average number of dates to bang a bird is still 2 the world over. TT]

Cheers and let me know if you ever come to XXXXX


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