Humans Are Not Monogamous

May 2014

A theory video from the Torero archive going over the essential biology underlying pickup and game. I explain why humans are not monogamous and why you should be a girl’s lover rather than her provider.

NB: Since making this video I no longer believe you can be in the “sweet spot” position of an alpha boyfriend. Monogamy by its very definition means you’ve lost the frame with her. 

4 thoughts on “Humans Are Not Monogamous”

  1. From a biological perspective though, wouldn’t a monogamous family man be a ‘winner’ since he passed on his genes, whereas a ‘player’ has casual sex, but doesn’t actually have any children?

    1. Biology neither knows nor cares if you shoot your load towards an egg or inside a condom. The ‘winner’ is the male who can do this inside as many females as possible.

  2. Tom isn’t the purpose of evolution as Darwinian Theory explains that the main purpose of life is to propagate our genes? If we all become lovers does not that contradict what our genes want us to do and as result human procreation ceases to exist?

    1. Evolution is a blind process without a purpose. Life has a “drive” to replicate your genes through keeping you alive and having sex. Nature doesn’t know or care if you fertilise one egg or shoot your load on her face. Read “The Selfish Gene” (Dawkins) for a full explanation.

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