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If you’re only doing one or two approaches a week (or even a month) then it’s essential to up your daygame work rate infield. Here are some of the methods I’ve used (or seen used) to increase the number of cold approaches without doing a bootcamp or hiring a coach:


Take it in turns with a wing. Give him £100 in £10 notes. For every approach you do he’ll give you £10 back (do the same for him)


Carry a dice in your pocket. Designate a certain type of approach to each number on the dice (e.g rolling a 2 means doing a shop approach, a 5 means doing a park approach etc). Don’t go home until you’ve rolled all 6 (in any order) and made the approaches


Use Pavlov’s dog-style “classical conditioning” where you reward yourself at the end of each session of 10 approaches with a slice of cake (walking for 2 hours is around 10km so your calorie count will be fine!)


Go to a busy shopping mall and head up to the top floor. Make it a rule that you can’t descend to the floor below until you’ve done an approach. Repeat until you reach the ground floor


Don’t let yourself have a cup of coffee until a girl joins you for one on an instant date. On a cold day you’ll be amazed at how this pushes you to get one quickly


Set yourself an accountability goal of when you can stop the session. For example, 1 number a day or 10 approaches in 2 hours. Be strict on this. Record keeping helps.


Have a set daygame route to follow, preferably circular, with specific areas on the way. Don’t let yourself move onto the next area until you’ve done an approach in that area (e.g. Union Square -> Washington Square -> Soho -> 5th Avenue -> back to Union Square in New York City)


Be playfully competitive with your wing. For example, first one to get three numbers has the other one buy him dinner. Or first one to instant date gets a beer from the other one.


NB: Make sure you’re not “spam approaching” – jumping into multiple sets one after the other without reflecting on the last one and how you can improve the next one. The girl is your mirror – take on the feedback you’re getting. More than 10 approaches per session is pushing it.

One thought on “Increase Your Approaches”

  1. Hi Tom, first of all thank you for all your content, advice and sharing of your experiences.
    I discovered daygaming since a week now, stumbled upon some guy’s yt channel on approaching girls and from there your channel. It was mindblowing and indeed feels like unplugging from the Matrix. I like your philosophy on girls and relationships very much.

    I have now started daygaming for about a week and at first I thought it would be a piece of cake, but the results are disappointing. I have to master a lot of skills, but at the moment ONE big problem in particular. Approching girls where there are other people around and get all flirty. I have the feeling everyone is watching and listening me and get some kind of block. And that is also because they do. I know the trick is to ignore them, but that is pretty difficult. Do you have any suggestions how to handle that?
    I will continue to daygame and hopefully will share my experiences and results in few months. Maybe in you 200th podcast.

    Btw, you give different movie suggestions about pick up and hustle. Have you seen the movie Solitary Man starring Michael Douglas?

    Miro from Holland

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