Harem Hustle #2: Daygame Marketing

Part 1 of the Harem Hustle series is here.


There are millions of guys who are better looking or richer than me. They go to the gym, take their fashion seriously and work hard at earning serious money. Their “product” in the Sexual Market Place is much better than mine but they’re not getting out there and selling it. 

Meanwhile Tom Torero, the scruffy 39 year old unemployed hobo, is out on the streets hustling his product (himself). Going up and approaching around 100 girls a month to put into his sales funnel.

The daygame and dating process leads to more numbers, dates and new sexual partners than the guy who’s slaving away trying to improve his product behind closed doors. This makes harem building for the player a realistic option.

The “old” method of advertising used to be building things slowly to get brand awareness and image. That’s like the guys who are just focussing on looks / money / status. It takes years of graft and is optimal for meeting a woman through a social circle or work. One woman that is, not plural.

Daygame pickup is the equivalent of direct response marketing – a sales technique which evokes an on-the-spot response after the pitch.

Advantages of this kind of hustle for the daygamer include:


  • You get immediate feedback (“the girl is your mirror”). Very quickly you’ll see how the Sexual Market Place responds to both your product (you) and your pitch (your daygame). Changes can thus be made rapidly


  • It’s easy to track. X number of approaches leads to Y number of contacts which leads to Z number of dates & lays


  • A very specific audience (younger hotter girls) can be targeted


  • The Return On Investment (ROI) with this audience is high compared to funnel results from flirting at work, social circle game or apps like Tinder


As I covered yesterday, daygame is the marketing side of things while the dating is the sales side of things. When I’m out prospecting on the streets I’m covering the classic marketing points:


The Offer  – letting the girl know I find her attractive and that it’s a man-to-woman interaction

Information – building rapport and trust after she’s hooked

Call To Action – getting her number so we can go on a date


Elite harem builders


Just like Mormons or charity sign-up hustlers, I’m putting in volume with my prospecting. Typically 10 approaches per session, 10 sessions a month. The realistic daygame statistics off of this can be found here.

That’s not to say that it’s just a numbers game. As with any other marketplace there’s good products and bad products, effective marketing and weak marketing, slick salesmen and poor salesmen. To get good at daygame and generate qualified leads takes lots of practice. It’s an art as well as a science. 

Without marketing, it’s pointless just having a product that nobody knows about. Equally it’s vital that you know how to move a lead through the rest of the sales funnel so initial interest doesn’t evaporate. Remember that the aim is to close, not to have the shiniest marketing.


Tomorrow I’ll look at what do with these leads once they’re in your funnel, and how to convert them to dates, in order to start building your harem.

*   *   *   *   *

To learn all the skills needed to hit the streets and master daygame prospecting yourself (along with the messaging and dating) then my A-Z textbook Street Hustle has you covered. 

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