Harem Hustle #4: Closing The Deal

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When she’s come out on a date with you it’s your chance to close the deal. The marketing (daygame) is over. Like with a customer who’s made an appointment at a car dealership to take a test drive, it’s time to sell.

A.B.C: Always Be Closing. The whole point of the funnel from prospecting to qualifying and converting leads comes down to this. Without the closing stage you’re just an entertainer of girls.

Dating needs to be done in lover, not boyfriend, mode. That means no false promises of monogamy, no romantic dinner dates, no long walks on the beach. By “closing the deal” we mean sex. That has to happen before you can think about taking things further, especially when it comes to building a harem.

On the date it’s all about building compliance momentum as you move from comfort to seduction. Both verbal and physical escalation have to happen smoothly, along with your logistics being sorted:



Be wary of over-selling. If the compliance is there and the customer is ready to buy then there’s no need to delay the close with more sales shtick. Same Day Lays and fast pulls on first dates are not common but definitely frequent enough to be ready for.

Equally, be careful of being too pushy. If the customer isn’t ready to buy and needs more time to think about it then you might well burn a good lead by seeming desperate to close. As the saying goes, customers don’t like to feel they’re being sold to. Remember that two dates is still the average for closing the deal.



Once the full close has happened, you can be satisfied that you’ve completed the funnel process from start to finish. You’ve cold approached, qualified a lead, worked the lead, converted the lead to a date, and finally the date to sex. Congratulations – your funnel works.

But for a harem hustler that’s not the end of things. Hopefully you’ve given her some of the best sex of her life so that she’s going to want to cum back for more. Lead retention in lover mode is a whole different skill. And not just with one girl you’ve closed the deal with, but many.

First of all you’re going to have to sleep with each girl on 3 different occasions (usually over the space of 3 weeks) following the lover rules:


Tomorrow I’ll go through the mechanics of the harem dynamic so you can be the lover to many girls simultaneously over a sustained period by using your sales funnel to build a stable.

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  1. Hi Tom, great Blog. I like it 🙂

    2 questions
    -Winter is hard. Where can I meet girls now?
    – Im Intermediate + and now looking for more value at girls. I met some not meeting my expectations. In Street there were really some strange girls. Where can I find more quality girls?

    Greetings Mark

  2. hi, tom
    is blowjob in car considered a close? cause i cum inside her mouth
    i didnt have proper logistic and she is a muslim tq

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