Harem History


Monogamy wasn’t invented by men with options

When powerful men get the chance, their non-monogamous dreams become a reality. Modern day rock bands, company CEOs and military leaders know this very well. Underneath the veneer of harmonious monogamy, men are hardwired to spread their seed far and wide.

This is nothing new in human history. Powerful male leaders throughout world empires kept private harems of women to sexually satisfy them (but often by force rather than charisma and tight Game). Often they’d have multiple wives plus numerous concubines (mistresses).

The word ‘harem‘ originates from the Islamic term referring to the secluded part of a household where women are hidden away from the eyes of other men. But the non-monogamous concept of ‘one-man-many-women‘ is not just an Islamic idea.

From the Ancient world of Persians, Egyptians, Aztecs, Greeks and through Byzantium there are many examples of polygamous harem building:

Amenophis III (Ancient Egyptian King): 6 wives with each of them responsible for 100s of concubines for him, totalling a harem in the 1000s.

King Tamba Of Benaras (Buddhist King): A harem of 16,000 concubines, the largest in history.

Khosrow II (Persian King): 3 wives and 3,000 concubines

Ghengis Khan (Mongal ruler): 4 wives and 7,000 concubines, known to have fathered 1000s of children (and millions of descendants)

Montezuma II (Aztec ruler): 4,000 concubines, numerous wives (including 2 he named Queens)

Despite Christianity frowning upon multiple wives and extramarital sex there’s still the Biblical example of King Solomon having an impressive 700 wives and 300 concubines.

For modern day harem equivalents built by celebrities, politicians and cult leaders, listen to this podcast I recorded on the topic:


Put aside your knee-jerk moralising for a moment and as a man answer this question honestly in your mind:

If today you were given the option of having a private harem of 100s or 1000s of younger hotter girls, would you take it?

Does monogamy still sound like an optimal plan for you now?


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In subsequent Harem Hustle posts I’ll look at the organisation, hierarchy and maintenance of a harem.

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  1. Are you planning to do another podcast with Caleb Jones of the BlackDragon Blog on managing non monogamous relationships ?

  2. Good on ya Tommy boy with this series. So weird that former pickup guys are now so preachy about traditional values and settling down. Double standards!

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