The Dangers Of Daygame Romanticism


As the saying goes,”A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.” A good reminder from an email I received yesterday about why Purple Pill romanticism will eventually come back to bite you. Switch your idealism to infield reality:


Hi Tom,

You must get a lot of these kinds of emails but I wanted to reach out and say thanks for all the information you put out there which I know helps a lot of guys. You might find my path to your front door of interest as it seems that many men are getting lost in the same forest.

I was always a hopeless romantic when it came to girls. I blame the poetry of Byron and Shelley. After my second marriage broke down I read “No More Mr Nice Guy” and found the pick up community through that. I dipped my toes into the waters but covered my ears when it came to harsh truths. That lead my to follow lots of watered down dating coaches (‘purple pill’ as you say in podcast 44) which allowed my romantic beliefs to remain.

The idealist in me didn’t want to confront what I knew to be true deep down. I think I enjoyed wallowing in my romantic fantasies, obsessing about one particular girl and each line of her texting. I’d build fairy tales in my head about how this or that girl was a special snowflake and be cheered on by some dating coaches who encouraged me to dream of The One.

The purple pill phase came to an end when I moved to the capital city of my country and did 6 months of day game. In that time I slept with 7 women and had my romantic blinkers fall away as I enjoyed the realities of the opposite sex. You always tell us to have abundance but that was the first time in my life I saw what you mean.

Feel free to quote this email (in part or full) to give a nudge to other guys stuck in the dangerous halfway house of purple pill pick up. In some ways it’s more dangerous than being fully in the dark. Romantic idealism is as you say a very damaging thing.

Thanks again for all your content. I hope the filming is going well.

Warm wishes,

Mr A


Here’s the Purple Pill podcast he mentions:

5 thoughts on “The Dangers Of Daygame Romanticism”

  1. There seems to be a lot of this going around on Twitter lately. Must be extra estrogen in the water at this time of the year before Valentines. What’s your feeling as to why they water it down Tom? To cash in on a bigger market or because of Disney beliefs they actually have?

    1. David Deida, Zan Perrion, Neil Strauss (especially his book “The Truth”), James Marshall, RSD Julian (after his reincarnation)…. all of them hippy dippy and appealing to yoga mums.

      Anyone that calls themselves a “dating coach” is suspect, just like anyone selling “The One.” The common theme is always the Purity Fantasy and Pedestalization.

      Buyer beware!

      1. On a similar note I would also stay far away from the manosphere / 21 Studios crowd as they push political or even religious agendas under the guise of pickup or dating advice. Overlaps with what purple pillers push.

        Manosphere guys drag you into a stream of useless mental masturbation and general self help that has nothing to do with getting laid.

        At worst they drag you into a stream of negativity that ruins your vibe and harms your pickup results with girls.

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