Travelling vs Static Daygame

What’s the difference between daygaming in one city where you live compared to travelling and hustling girls in multiple cities? Which one is the most efficient and why?

Over the years I’ve done both. When learning pickup intensively from late 2009 to 2013 I was living in London and doing 99% of my daygame there (with just a few short trips abroad for bootcamps).

From late 2013 onwards I’ve been a nomadic daygame delinquent living out of a bag (and later a van) on the road in over 50 countries without a permanent address.

2019 is the first year in a long while that I’m back to doing all my daygame in just one city for a whole year (although only for ten days a month, after which I’m off travelling for non-pickup adventures).

It’s been interesting to see how static daygame compares to the nomadic daygame of previous years. Is one better than the other? Below I’ve listed the pros and cons of each:


Static Daygame 


  • Home turf knowledge of the city for farming, date venues etc
  • Bachelor pad logistics sorted permanently 
  • No need to rush the pulls – can do second and third dates
  • Repeat bangs for harem hustling
  • Reduces the “player vibes” and therefore LMR/ASD
  • Access to wings and non-game friends 


  • Boredom / monotony 
  • Laziness for opening and closing (no urgency)
  • Similarity of girls (all one type)
  • Easier to give off “boyfriend” vibes
  • Over-gaming in certain parts of the city (esp. with small populations)


Travelling Daygame 


  • See the world / excitement / novelty
  • Different looks of girls
  • Toughens up your skill-set (all types of girls)
  • Get good at fast pulls, SDLs etc
  • Develop a lover frame (easy to cut-and-run)


  • Inefficient (lots of open loops)
  • Need for long game / return trips
  • Player vibe backfiring 
  • Strains of travel
  • Destabilising (lack of routine)

*  *  *  *  *

I’d recommend starting with daygame in your own city. It will be easier to deal with the roller-coaster of emotions that comes with learning cold approach. Familiarity of hunting grounds and date venues will calm your nerves and the slower pace of closing will aid your bang conversions.

Once you’re competent with your daygame on home turf then spread your wings and hit the road. The sign of an experienced daygamer is that he can pick up lots of types of girls in different situations and places. Don’t just be the guy with Asian fever or the guy stuck in Ukraine. Taste the delights of French girls, South African girls, Canadian girls, Argentinian girls…

In the future I’ll do a podcast on this topic so if you’ve got questions about nomadic vs static daygame then let me know below.

3 thoughts on “Travelling vs Static Daygame”

  1. Hey Tom,

    I was wondering what your current thoughts are on The Rational Male. I am reading his year one blog posts (the first book) based on your recommendation in Street Hustle but I have noticed that his recent blog posts have taken on a really negative and overly political vibe which is what you rightly warn against when telling your readers to stay away from the manosphere.

  2. I’d be interested to hear more of your thoughts on why guys go to Asia to do their daygame. Is it because of purity fantasy as you say? Or weak skills in their own countries? Many of my past wings only opened Asian girls because they thought other girls were intimidating.

    Peace on the streets, Mr K

    1. I think it’s mainly the intimidation factor.
      Guys starting daygame will get better responses from Asian girls (ioi’s, smiles, willingness to stop & chat, keen to give her number etc..) than Western girls who can often be more wary when being approached.
      They’d rather get five numbers & five flakes from Asian girls than have one non-Asian girl ignore them/refuse to give her number on the street..

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