Daygame Super Sets

Most daygame sets feel the same after a while once you’ve internalised the basics. “Maybe Girls” giving off weak positive signals are par for the course. There’s a few “No Girls” each session and a lucky “Yes Girl” thrown in if daygame gods are smiling.

A “Super Set” is something different. It doesn’t happen very often, perhaps once a week if you’re doing 30-50 approaches in that time frame. So how do you know what one is?

The short answer is you’ll just feel it. As cliched as it sounds it’s like a bolt of lightening running through your veins. And because the girl is your mirror then she feels it too. Sparks darting between you, your eyes locked in a near hypnosis.

Surroundings blur and time distorts so it’s just you and her in a primal bubble. The energy crackles and you feel lightheaded. When you walk away from the set you can’t even remember what you spoke about. You have to pause your daygame session temporarily while you come back down to earth. I’m sure she walks away feeling just as disorientated.

So what the hell is a Super Set? It’s not really the same thing as a Yes Girl as often you might not even get her number. She might be engaged or loved up with a boyfriend but something that day, that moment with you and her is electric. A Yes Girl set can be quick and rather uninteresting. You know she’s on, you know she’s keen to meet, so you go for an Instant Date or leave her sure that she’s coming out. A Super Set is something far more chemical. 

On a biological level I see a Super Set as a daygame interaction where your sexual wavelengths match. It’s a chance encounter of perfect polarity. Both of you hit a flow state for seconds or minutes based on your compatibility and energy in that moment. Hippy sounding, I know, but these moments certainly exist if you do enough daygame.

Often I’ll be having a quiet moan to myself about how my vibe is flat or the day’s not going well when suddenly I’ll turn the corner and…BAM! There it is, a Super Set moment from the second I move in front of her. You feel it, she feels it, it’s like a vibe orgasm between you out of nowhere.

Like I said, many times for whatever reason you might not get the phone number, but you still walk away grinning and shaking your head at the power of what happened. She might not even be the hottest girl of that day. It’s just something subconscious that makes a Super Set so charged.  Magnetic forces really can make monumental moments.


If all that sounded like nonsense then get to work on the basics of daygame infield with my textbook Street Hustle so you can internalise the framework and be calm enough with your approaches to allow these Super Sets to happen. 

4 thoughts on “Daygame Super Sets”

  1. Hi Tom,

    A question about solo daygame: any suggestions on what to do when it gets lonely? All my friends are either married or in long term relationships, so I have to hit the malls, streets and coffee shops alone. To them, the idea of daygame seems ridiculous as they all met their gfs online or on tinder.

    Thanks for all your content man!

    1. If you find solo daygame difficult I think you might be making the mistake of treating your daygame sessions like an intense gym session. Don’t hype yourself up.

      If the weather is nice just simply enjoy it and walk around with a relaxed vibe in between your sets. Enjoy the sounds of the birds chirping, the cool summer breeze etc then as soon as you see a hot girl just go for it.

      If the weather is bad and you’re doing mall daygame just put in your headphones and listen to your favorite bands in between sets. It’s my favorite way to maintain my vibe while daygaming.

      1. That’s a really good point. I treat it as a big event, and that puts a lot of stress on me to make every set perfect, instead of focusing on opening more. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I’ve had a number of these Super Sets; and yes, you don’t always get the number, or even get the number but no response to the ping; but on the street its ELECTRIC – super raw attraction – she is very feminine which is turn makes me feel more masculine. What happens is the more feminine the women is in set the more she’s encouraging me to be more manly in the set, so it charges up and charges up. It creates a feedback loop. An upwards spiral.

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