Slow Down To Speed Up

The WhatsApp message above is from a coaching client who had the sticking point of pulling the trigger too quickly on dates. He lacked smoothness in his escalation and was skipping out key parts of the dating model that build connection and get her doing the chasing.

Good to hear that Mr A has fixed the bouncing and escalating issues by actually slowing down to speed things up.┬áIt’s an advanced sticking point as it’s the polar opposite of Mr Nice Guy who plays it safe and slow but also fails to get over the finish line with her.

Listen to this podcast I recorded in 2014 on why fast escalation sounds so enticing but is problematic for the seducer:

One thought on “Slow Down To Speed Up”

  1. I have used your theory of ‘universal fractionation’ a lot for this situation. Move forward then back. It’s simple but super powerful.

    Side question Tom…will you be coming to the USA again any time soon. I’m near San Francisco

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