Abundance Cures Neediness

“Hey Tom,

I attended your Dirty Tricks seminar in December, and thought I’d share a recent success story that I attribute partly to the content you went through – and almost wholly to your material in general.

(Recognise you must get a lot of these, but as you say you welcome them, I couldn’t resist.)

I’m 21, and started daygaming in September, having done about 6 months of night game before and after a relationship I ended last summer.

Had solid, if sparse results before Christmas, but going into last week I was getting mildly impatient that despite a large number of dates, 2019 had brought no further daygame sex-cess. To fill the daygame gap, I had had a couple of lays from dabbling in Tinder [shame on you haha –  T] and a lucky night game pull in mid-January.

The latter girl (Miss P) seemed different from other girls I had gamed. [“NAWALT!” – T]. She seemed quirky, intelligent and sexy – someone with whom I had a lot more chemistry than most, and I was hoping to string her along for a harem or even perhaps an open relationship. Lately, though, she had begun acting dismissive or straight silent over text, which was mildly frustrating.

Cue last week (the Valentine’s Day spirit being upon myself or the girls perhaps?), in which I had three daygame first-date lays on three consecutive days. Brazilian Thursday, Caribbean Friday and Korean Saturday – all young, hot girls (the Brazilian being likely the hottest girl I ever banged).

It was as if all my failed dating in the time leading up to it had culminated in a lovely victory. It was beautiful seeing how all the lessons I’d painfully learned came in to help me close the deal in all three cases, and how material and strategies from the seminar I had practiced and failed at before now seemed to flow naturally. Not leaning in, the spikes and pre-prepared stories to slip out of comfort quicksand, the carefully planned verbal and physical escalation, the firm and determined bounce-back, and the constant, ever-deepening qualification.

Most significant, I think, was experimenting with not going for the make-out with the girls before they were on my bed. In many of my previous dates, I’ve ended up heavily making out and holding hands with girls in the second venue, but after a failed bounce-back finding them barely (if at all) text back the next day. Needless to say, this tactic worked wonders here, and will be a staple of my dating going forward.

Now, in an amusing but enlightening twist of fate, I ran into Miss P in the street while in the middle of this streak and had a quick but dismissive chat. Her texting silence suddenly broke and she asked to meet up again. Saw her again yesterday, and had a minor revelation.

Yeah, she’s cool, she’s hot, and she’s smarter than average, but she’s a bit of a complainer, and flimsy and disorganised besides. Was she really as special as I thought she might have been last month? Ehh… I don’t know. Funny what abundance does to clear up your perspective. 😉

Cheers for everything you do, Tom. Really great to have a virtual mentor along the way through the hustle.

Mr S”

*  *  *  *  *

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  1. Nice to meet you finally Mr Torrero in Moscow airport. The girl who waited for you by Starbucks was very attractive indeed. Will you give any talks while you are in the city? I have yet to try and day game. Only online and its depressing. If you could also point me in the diretion of any so called wings then that would be most beneficial. My email is on the card I gave you. Many thanks, Roy

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